On the eve of the national elections, Texas historian J. Evetts Haley published a scathing attack on President Lyndon B. Johnson. The book sold seven. Haley’s self-published paperback A Texan Looks at Lyndon: A Study in Illegitimate. A Texan Looks at Lyndon: A Study in Illegitimate Power. Front Cover. J. Evetts Haley. in Illegitimate Power · James Evetts Haley Snippet view –

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Loosk Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Texan Looks at Lyndon by J. Texan Looks at Lyndon by J. Hardcoverpages. Published December 1st by Buccaneer Books first published Loooks 9th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Texan Looks at Lyndonplease sign up.

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Mar 29, Chet rated it liked it. Hitler murdered his millions, George Bush his hundreds of thousands, and Lyndon Johnson his handful not counting Vietnam. Does this mean Johnson was a “good guy”? The book, as subtitled, is a study of illegitimate power. The book simply looks at Johnson’s lust for power and how it could be the destruction of any man. It is not a detailed account into every Johnson sin, nor of his presidency. It simply illustrates how he took the center stage again and again.

By threat, ext Considering history: By threat, extortion, and murder. No act was too low if it meant gaining power for himself. No friend too loved to be destroyed. No person too good to be crushed. The author presents the interesting perspective of one of Johnson’s assassination attempts, p. Evetts Haley talks of one Jim Evetts, and one District Attorney Evetts, one and the same, how he narrowly escapes the attempt on his life from gun shots in the night.

The author makes many such arguments through out the book. The presumption is that the reader is educated and will understand the many innuendoes between the lines. This makes for tough reading, especially fifty years after the fact. The author is likewise a cattleman. He gives the illustration of one cattleman whom Johnson destroyed. It is confusing who the author is talking about.

Himself or someone else.

Texan Looks at Lyndon

What is not confusing is Haley’s dislike of Johnson’s corruption. This book chronicles some of the many sordid acts of Johnson. It is a good education into our 36th president. Corruption, lust for power, murder, in short, Democracy. The style of writing is very cumbersome. Every page is a rant. Reading this book is a long drudgery. Still, A Texan Looks at Lyndon is good historical reading. Everyone should know the truth behind one of America’s most evil presidents.

I found this in a Laundry-Mat about ten years ago, abandoned for whatever reason I cannot imagine. Since the subject matter was something appealing to my interest, I adopted said book and read.


Now you may think that stumbling across a book about how crooked LBJ was, having been published in and finding it in may not be too unusual A very OOP book? Almost like I was destined to read this anti-LBJ bio.

Informative beyond beli I found this in a Laundry-Mat about ten years ago, abandoned for whatever reason I cannot imagine. Johnson was not a very nice person. His ethics were questionable even before he became Vice-President. Aug 28, Charles rated it really liked it. Just about everyone can find something to hate about President Lyndon B. Anti-war types will cite his escalation of the war in Vietnam. Anti-government types will condemn his expansion of the welfare state and curtailing personal freedoms in favor of civil rights.

This book published in touches on none of that and still manages to savage the reputation of a man who at that point had barely any record as president. Evetts Haley takes Johnson behind the woodshed for everyth Just about everyone can find something to hate about President Lyndon B. Evetts Haley takes Johnson behind the woodshed for everything from haaley he bought texzn ranch, to how he won his first election to the senate, to the deals he cut to keep competition off the airwaves in Austin where Lady Bird was building a media empire.

At every turn, with ample, nearly comprehensive references, Haley exposes the corruption, deception and ambitions of a man who everywhere favored ego at the expense of morals.

Setting aside the subject matter for a moment, this book is simply well written. But consider how Haley describes the controversial voter rolls in Jim Wells County lloks candidate Johnson ultimately took an 86 vote lead he would not relinquish: Standing by were [ex-FBI agents and Stevenson campaign workers] Gardner and Dibrell with the evidence that they had been digging up, ready to testify as to their examination of the poll list for Box 13, with its final names of alleged voters mysteriously added alphabetically, in blue ink, in the same hand, whereas the rest of the list was in black, and in a number of hands.

Besides these, a number of Mexicans on the list were present and ready to take the stand to say they had not voted.

One was a girl named Enriqueta Acero, from the State of Yucatan, who was in Mexico at the time of voting but who had been found and who willingly agreed to come out and testify. I think I started two lyndom books while actively avoiding plowing ahead through those middle chapters.

It ends well though with the assassination and a final damning commentary on how Johnson was all too happy to see Dallas maligned for hatred of the president rather than the killer who was by all accounts a communist and as such would have been significantly less welcome in Dallas than Kennedy. This book is not sold in the gift shop.

J. Evetts Haley – Wikipedia

If you want it though, you can get a handsome paperback reprint from the Haley Memorial Library. Among the stories not included in this work is what used to be my favorite LBJ story about how he gifted Pope Paul VI a bronze bust of himself. That has since been superseded by this simply mind-blowing account recently shared with the public for the first time. What would you do in the face of such a power play? There was a man.


Less well sourced but certainly plausible is the tale that he once relieved himself on a Secret Serviceman who was shielding him from public view. When the man turned around, horrified, Johnson simply said, “That’s all right, son.

The outrageous stories continue. Evetts Haley’s take on those episodes. Jan 15, Brian rated it liked it. Haley was bitter toward Lyndon Johnson, to say the least. Parts of this book read more like character assassination and hyperbolic invective than even-handed history, and since Haley is a noted Texas historian of considerable respect, it appears surprising that he allows his own ideological prejudice to so completely swallow his perception of LBJ. But that is, in part, what makes this book useful.

It reveals the types of arguments that have been made by the right wing toward the Left, and progre Haley was bitter toward Lyndon Johnson, to say the least. It reveals the types of arguments that have been made by the right wing toward the Left, and progressive politics, for some time: His contention that LBJ’s is “illegitimate power” in particular anchors his perspective, but inevitably, for this reader, undermines it as well.

He has nothing good to say about the president who spearheaded such far-reaching civil rights programs, and in fact, it is Haley’s focus on the belief that racial equality was NOT a good thing, that segregation and unequal access to the levers of power and justice should be prevented, that I think most truly shows his colors. I would want to see other writing by him, and I do know his pure history has been commended, to be convinced that he wasn’t an out and out bigot.

I give it three stars because it is necessary to read, not because I find its conclusions agreeable or convincing. Aug 23, Roger King rated it it was amazing. A respected chronicler of early Texas ranch life, J Evetts Haley was also a local hard-core libertarian-leaning Democrat. His last line of the book: In short, he despised LBJ. I was born inso was aware of the LBJ and Lady Bird public persona, read Caro’s first volume of the early political years The Path to Powerknew some of the stuff, but none of most of the stuff.

Feb 08, Beth added it. I did not actually read this book. However, I have a distinct memory of it being one of only three books that I can recall being in my childhood home. My love of books, mostly literature and eastern philosophy was insatiable as a teenager.

Although I majored in the Humanities as an undergraduate, I went on to pursue studies in the social sciences, particularly in the area of social policy and social welfare.