Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your Abit Fatal1ty AN9 32X Motherboard. Couldn’t find the manual that you were looking for?. User’s manual, Introduction, Motherboard amd socket am2 • Read online or download PDF • Abit AN9 32X User Manual. Fatal1ty Guru™. Technology. ABIT OTES GT™. Technology. Channel HD Audio. Share. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Are you looking Abit Socket AM2 Fatal1ty AN9 32X motherboard driver? Do you have the latest drivers for your Abit Socket AM2 motherboard?

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Drivers for Abit Socket AM2 Fatal1ty AN9 32X motherboard

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Hardware Setup In this chapter we will elaborate all the information you need upon installing this motherboard to your computer system. To install this motherboard: Locate all the screw holes on motherboard chassis base. Place all the studs manusl spacers needed on the chassis base and have them tightened.

Nevertheless, this backup battery exhausts after some five years.

Pin shorted Default: Disable wake-up function support at USB1 port. Enable wake-up function support at USB1 port.

As the plugs from the power supply fit in only one orientation, find the correct one and push firmly down into these connectors.

Watch the power LED pin position and orientation. DO NOT place jumper caps tatal1ty these connectors. An accidentally scratch of a tiny surface-mount component may seriously xbit the motherboard. The installation procedures vary with different types of CPU fan-and-heatsink fatalty.

Place the heatsink and fan assembly onto the retention frame. Match the heatsink clip with socket mounting-lug. Hook the spring clip to the mounting-lug. On the other side, push the retention clip straight down to lock into the plastic lug on the retention frame. To install system memory: Power off the computer and unplug the AC power cord before installing or removing memory modules.

Abit AN9 32X User Manual

Locate the Abiit slot on the board. Hold two edges of the DIMM module carefully, keep away of touching its connectors. Leave the three screw holes in between unscrewed.


This header provides the connection to audio connector at front panel. An incorrect connection may cause malfunction or even damage the motherboard. In the motherboard package you can find one audio daughter-card and one optical-fiber cable. Remove the rubber protection-cap. Attach one end of the optical cable with faatl1ty 3.

Connect fatsl1ty single end at the longer length of ribbon cable to the FDC1 on the board, the two connectors on the other end to the floppy disk drives connector. To connect SATA device: Each header supports 2x additional USB 2. Pin Assignment Pin Assignment Data0 POST Code in address 80h to find out where the problem lies. Your ATX power supplier is connected with power source, and its power switch is on. Connects to Local Area Network. Connects to USB devices such as scanner, digital speakers, monitor, mouse, manuzl, hub, digital camera, joystick etc.

You may switch between these two by clicking the left or right arrow key on keyboard: Setting the working frequency higher than the PCI chipset or processor specs, may cause abnormal memory module functioning, system hangs, hard disk drive data lose, abnormal functioning of the VGA card, or abnormal functioning with other add-on cards. Exit These items display the power cycle statistics for each element. Jul 03 Item Help Time hh: Precomp Fatal1hy item displays the number of cylinders at which to change the write timing.

Boot Up NumLock Status This item determines the default state of the numeric keypad at system booting up. The numeric keypad functions as number keys. The numeric keypad functions as arrow keys. Security Option This item determines when the system will prompt for password – every time the system boots or only when it enters the BIOS setup.

OnChip Audio Controller Fxtal1ty option enables or disables the audio controller. This option protects the BIOS configuration or restricts access to the computer itself. Click to enter the utilities installation menu. Click on this tab to enter the menu for installing utilities exclusively developed by ABIT. Click on the [Drivers] tab in the installation menu screen.

Click the [nVidia nForce Chipset Driver]. The following screen appears: Follow the prompts on the screen to complete installation. Restart the system for the driver to take effect. To install this utility: Floppy Disk to create another one. Insert one blank floppy disk to the selected floppy drive and fatal1tj [Build]. Initialize floppy controller 2.


Start power on sequence 8.

Enable ATX power supply 8. ATX power supply ready 8. DDR voltage ready 8. Yes, we highly recommend that you clear the CMOS before installing a new motherboard. Please move the CMOS jumper from its default position to for catal1ty few seconds, and then back. How to get a quick response for my request on technical support?

System boot-up fails after the system had manjal assembled: See the next page for a blank Technical Support Form, or visit our website to fill in the form on line http: Is the motherboard dead? Do I need to return it to where I bought from fatal1y go Page of 80 Go.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Ag8 series intel pentium 4 system board socket 80 pages. Table Of Contents 2. Page 10 For more information: Checking Jumper Settings To install this motherboard: Connecting Chassis Components 2.

ABIT FATAL1TY AN9 32X nForce SLI Motherboard Review –

Fan Power Connectors 2. Ddr2 Memory Slots 2. Page 22 To install system memory: Page 25 SLI supporting bracket. Audiomax Connection Slot 2. Connecting Peripheral Devices 2. Serial Ata Connectors 2. Pci Express X1 Add-on Slots 2. Guru Panel Connection Header 2. Power Source Indicators 2. Page 39 Manial Define: Standard Cmos Features 3. Advanced Bios Features 3. Advanced Chipset Features 3. Power Management Setup 3. Nvidia Nforce Chipset Driver 4. Realtek Hd Audio Driver 4.

Silicon Image Raid Driver 4. Nvraid Floppy Disk Floppy Disk to create another manuaal. Ac Manaul Code Definitions 5. Troubleshooting how To Get Technical Support? Page 77 See the next page for a blank Technical Support Form, or visit our website to fill in the form on line http: