cfdocument format=”pdf” marginbottom=”1″ marginleft=”1″ marginright=”1″ alternate colors and font-size so that you can easily see where. I just noticed that the CF7 tag, CFDOCUMENT (as well as the new form of This NAME attribute is simply an interesting alternative. Here’s a. But you are correct, it is now less useful when they are alternatives. I was hoping to see updates in CF10 regarding using CFDocument to.

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Coldfusion: CFDocument PDF Alternatives – Stack Overflow

Can anybody make page-break-inside work? I think it is time to remove this from the document documentation if nobody can make it work Aeroports de Paris ADP. FRthe state-controlled airport operator, said on its Twitter account that planned flights were operating with delays of between one and one and a half hours.

Hundreds of passengers had already spent the night at the airport after some 50 flights were canceled Thursday evening, said Elise Hermant, a spokeswoman for Aeroports de Paris. The airport had only just cleared the backlog from flight delays caused by bad weather earlier in the week.

Scores of trains were also late or canceled in France Friday morning. But the situation at Orly, the other big airport in Paris, was described as normal. Airlines are supposed to reimburse stranded passengers or to reschedule flights and offer lodging, but the hotel capacity around the airport is limited and some airlines don’t play the game, Heraud said. I believe this is a known problem that any amount of google searching will result in the answer to.

I think there is a patch that needs to be applied. Thanks for suggesting google I have done plenty of googling and seen plenty of dispair but no answers that work. The code I posteded is extrememly simple I believe you are referring to the hot fixes to stop the. Cumulative Hot Fix 1 for ColdFusion 9.

Cold Fusion – Technical – PDF alternate to cfdocument

Adobe recommends that cvdocument apply CHF1 to ColdFusion 9 only if you are experiencing one or more of the issues listed below.

This cumulative hot fix is specific to ColdFusion 9 and need not be applied to any other releases. I’m running into the same thing I’ve got a patient medical history form that generates a PDF.


The data is in tabular format and the result is terrible.

I’m getting lines of text within a table cell being split in half by a page break, which is obviously unacceptable. Is there a work around? Cfdocu,ent as many people who have posted about this all over the web, there are only 2 votes for fixing it. If everyone voted, I suspect the priority would go up.

I suspect that fixing this project is a fairly large task.

We need to let Adobe know that we want this prioritized. I’ve seen interviews with people like Ben Forta who have said that when you combine built-in features like PDF support, the cost of ColdFusion compared to other systems is comparable.

If they are selling CF like this, developers shouldn’t tp to purchase other software to build PDF files! In my opinion, this bug is a huge deficit in “on-the-fly” PDF building and it’s unbelievable that it’s been a problem for so many years. Actually it makes no differencebut anyway I changed the inner loop variable to x Check out Raymond Camdens pdfutils http: The following code is not overly efficient, in that it recreates the entire report for each instance where a page break needs to be repositioned, but the preliminary test results look good.

PDF alternate to cfdocument

Others may like to embellish the following. In the style sheet div. Once the PDF file has been created, use Raymond’s pdfutils to check each page for a start without a matching end. If found, indicate which section of code need to have a page break inserted before it, and then reproduce the cfdocmuent. Apparently, no browser, except Opera, supports page-break-inside. I know this doesn’t make everyone happy, but it is what I needed to do.

And of course, if your table headers are needed on each page We had a similar problem with table rows inside a cfloop query and tried to use, to no avail as we are on CF9 as well.

This is what we did to resolve it – placing this code right before the item that is breaking in the undesired location. I found a way to do it, and although it’s far from ideal, it allows for choosing any group of data to not break over a page if possible.

  DA FORM 3433-1 PDF

The basic principle is to put divs around all of the nobreak data groups with a class on them, pop all of the text into a div appended to body, and.

All you need to do is run an ajax call to get your html or not if it’s already on the pagesubmit all of it to the paginate function, and submit the returned result to the coldfusion code. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0.

This content has been marked as final. I think there is a patch that needs to be applied to the CF server that helps with this. I am not at altetnative desk right now to validate, so don’t quote me on that though. Tue, 11 Jan Any luck on figuring this out? Wed, 26 Jan I would encourage you to vote for this bug in the CF bug database: I’m curious about something. Fri, 28 Jan Increasing the page margin top seems to have helped me. But again it’s not fail proof.

I had the same issue with CF Seems the issue is not the page break, but the table. If I inserted code, something along these lines: Go to cvdocument post. Correct Answers – 10 points. Fix for the issue where ColdFusion was ignoring local variable assignment when the variable is assigned to a struct at runtime.

Fix for the issue where in any cfscript style function declarations, function parameter types were not accepting the dotted CFC type.

Fix for the issue where ColdFusion deployed on JBoss was unable to render maps using cfmap.