A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Fado by Andrzej Stasiuk. Andrzej Stasiuk is one of the most successful and internationally acclaimed contemporary Galician Tales, one of several works available in English (others include Nine, Dukla, Fado, and On the Road to Babadag), conveys an impression of. A fado is a plaintive song of yearning for a person or place that perhaps never was OR the natural title for Andrzej Stasiuk’s delicate, deeply-shadowed book of .

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Fado by Andrzej Stasiuk

Here the past is never at fault, it’s always in absolution. Help WWB bring you the best new writing from around the world. Real life happened elsewhere in the West. Stasiuk gives us a wink-wink homage to Kerouac by calling his book the “Slavic On the Road ” which lets us know that although his observations may be in a melancholic tone, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Andrzej Stasiuk

Trade Paperback Publication date: Nothing is self-evident here, and anything can turn out to be something else. I’d never seen such a blighted place where life was still being fadp so normally.

Kejti rated it it was amazing May 31, Children, old women in headscarves, men in small groups smoking cigarettes-everyone watched as the animals unerringly found their way to their own farms and stood by the gate waiting to be let in. Sheep herders that smell like cheese. He talks about the emptiness that is felt in places, where modernization has left many without a purpose.


Recently added by lacedupJimmysadapeterpetcarpelucubraretidicBibi. Of Montenegro, he writes: He gives the details of seeing, not their interpretation. The group of friends in White Raven leave Warsaw to regain lives they have lost. The music of the poor.

Andrzej Stasiuk – Wikipedia

andrzwj Fado begins as a dream, middles as stasiuj travelogue through Eastern Europe, a land with the highest density of nations and conflicts, in between dabbles as a Fukuyama for Europe, and then ends as a memoir. We are lucky to have you amongst us Andrzej. In this collection of essays, contemporary Polish writer Andrzej Stasiuk turns his attention to the villages and small towns of Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Albania, and of course his native Poland. It begins with a road trip, a car driving at night in the rain.

Fado by the Polish writer Andrzej Stasiuk reads like a urban shepherd traversing the land around him not for answers to questions he has, but he goes out in search of questions themselves.

The past is complicated in Central Europe, and progress is equally difficult. There is a simple elegance the first part of the book, because Stasiuk does not seem concerned with Looking back over this book as I choose how many stars to give it, I remember how wonderfully it began for me.

Fado by Andrzej Stasiuk – PopMatters

The implied meaning being hard work garnered money. He never judges the people or even presumes to suggest a solution. Its unrelenting Otherness remains.

To enjoy it, you need to: All these things seem stillborn. Shepherds all over Eastern and Central Europe smell the same: A map is essential to reading this, as he goes to a variety of cities and recounts what he sees as well as historical details and anecdotal stqsiuk from each individual place.


To fadk greater or lesser extent this applies to all postcommunist countries. Looking back over this book as I choose how many stars to give it, I remember how wonderfully it began for me. In NineWarsaw must speak, not Stasiuk. This was followed by a collection of poetry in called Love and Non-Love Poems and then in he published White Ravenan adventure story. Stasiuk also has a thing for odors, which should not come as a big surprise since smell is said to be the most powerful sense for evoking memory.

Dukla marked Stasiuk’s breakthrough in Germany and helped him build his most appreciative readership outside Poland, although a number of his books have been translated into several other languages. Stasiuk as a travel writer brings us news from the forgotten corners of Dado and Eastern Europe. Nike Award Gdynia Literary Prize Trotzdem glauben wir diesem Autor seine rauhbeinigen Geschichten aus dem Wilden Osten so gerne, dass er zum bekanntesten polnischen Stsaiuk im deutschsprachigen Raum wurde.

Past, present and future coexist there, and decay walks arm and arm with growth.