10 – TURRET WING. 11 – FOCUS WING (ON LENS). 12 – MATTE BOX SHOE. 13 – LENSES (3). A TECHNICAL MANUAL. COMPILED & WRITTEN BY. that you acquaint yourself with this instruction manual and that you follow the .. The ARRIFLEX 16SR 3 is a 16mm/Super 16 camera designed to handle all. Instruction Manual. As of: Dezember General Description of the ARRIFLEX 4. .. White Balance (WB), Manual Gain Control. ( MGC) and.

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Arri debuted two models of the in There are multiple footage counters on the magazine of this camera. This camera is distinguished by its small portable profile, multidirectional viewfinder, crystal controlled motor and quick-change magazine.

The dowser, a mechanism inside the viewfinder, needs to be closed when your eye is not on maanual eyecup arirflex prevent your film from fogging. Proficiencies for this camera are only provided through approved programs and cannot are not available for other students.

The maanual of the diopter is to focus mmanual viewfinder to your eye. The lightweight support is used to mount the follow focus and is designed for filming from the shoulder. The Arriflex available at APS has a modified body and will appear different than cameras of the same model in instruction manuals. The latter is suffixed ES to denote electronic shutter capabilities; this means that the shutter angle is able to be continuously electronically adjusted, even while the camera is running, and set to any angle within a specific range By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Arri integrated this into the new Xtreme, which was released in When storing this kit, remove the lenses and insert the lens body cap back onto the camera.


Otherwise, they are identical in all other respects.

Released inthe Arriflex Xtreme is the most recent iteration in the product line. Measurements are displayed in feet. The image will be displayed correctly arrirlex matter which position the viewfinder is in. The number reflects its position as a successor camera to the Arri III and the fact that it is designed for 35 mm film. As such, its potential applications are widespread, and thus it is regularly used on music videoscommercialssecond unit work on features, special effects work, and motion controlarrifled other usage.

Arri Arriflex 35 II C Manuals

The diopter on the Arriflex 16SR2 is adjustable to your viewing preferences. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 25 Julyat Discussion View source History. The cameras are specifically designed as MOS cameras, which means that they are conventionally considered to be too loud to record usable location sound. The opening of the shutter is degrees. FPS frames per second is also displayed digitally on the side of the camera, next to the footage counter.

APS Arriflex 16SR2 Operating Guide

A lens, either the 8mm or mm, then gets inserted into the Mutar 2x. Remove the magazines, as well as the battery and adapter and store them separately as well. As most of the filmmaking needs at TESC are met with daylight spools, the rest of this instructional portion is written with that assumption. The Mutar 2x doubles arriflxe focal length of a lens. Only use these with a film roll.


These include a standard Arri PL mount; compatibility with Super 35 ; frame rates adjustable both in forward and reverse between 1 and frames per second, accurate to. Do not use these. There are two magazines with this kit.


aeriflex The viewfinder on this camera can be turned and swiveled and has fully automatic image compensation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Integrated capping shutter for single frame or intervalometer functions. This mutar converts the zoom into a 6mm super wide angle prime — you will not be able to change focal length when using it.

The new functions included faster ramping speed capability, a wider ramping range which could go down to 0. Retrieved from ” http: The mirror shutter can also be rotated by hand with the hinged knob. These are located inside the magazine on both the supply and take up sides. These included a lower minimum frame rate of 0.

Most of the specifications noted apply forward to all successive models unless noted otherwise. Create a support ticket at help. Arriflex aeriflex modified camera body 2 covers: It converts the 8mm into a 16mm, and the mm to a mm.

Detach all lens modifiers from the lenses. Arriflex Released inthe Arriflex Xtreme is the most recent iteration in the product line. The eyecup is magnetized and can be easily be put msnual into place. Make sure to read the FPS number on the digital panel to know exactly what the camera is shooting at.


Arrihead, bridge plate, handgrip, shoulder set, shoulder cushion, underslung bracket for Steadicam. However, this also frees the camera up to be optimized for non-sync sound uses, particularly any filming which either doesn’t require sound or shooting at non-sync speed, shooting in reverse, or ramping between different speeds.