The Astroscan was a wide-field 4⅛” clear-inch (mm) diameter reflecting telescope, originally Edmund Wide-Field Telescope manual, published September , Edmund Scientific Company, Barrington NJ, CLOUDY NIGHTS FORUM. • Main Street, Tonawanda, NY # Astroscan ® Millennium Tabletop Telescope. Astroscan ® Millennium User’s Guide. Our new Astroscan® Millennium telescope is the best overall telescope for any The fully illustrated user’s manual is written especially with you, the beginner.

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From novices to pros, we are the go-to destination for anyone looking to have serious fun with serious science! Gently take hold of the end of the optical tube and move it either left or right Figure 3 or up and wstroscan.

Io, Callisto, Europa, and Ganymede. Other imitators soon popped up, such as the Orion Funscope: Your Dobsonian is well equipped to gather the light necessary to view these objects, but you will need to find a viewing site well away from light pollution and give your eyes plenty of time to fully dark-adapt.

Astroscan Download Free (astroscan for sale 2015)

But the Astroscan is more maintenance-free in that it has no provision for user maintenance—whether this is a bug or a feature is up to you ; solidly built to the point of near invulnerability; and has a distinctive charm all its own. This is because they tend to be faint, yet have larger angular size.

Plus, we re backing it with a limited 2-year warranty see back page for details. Adjust the altitude and azimuth knobs on the finder until the red dot is centered over the same object that is in your eyepiece.

Lower magnification means a wider field of view, making it easier to find an object. There are reports of a Kickstarter campaign by one of the original Astroscan creators to fund production of a new version based on the original Astroscan telescope. Remove the plastic covers. Celestron will repair or replace such product or part thereof which, upon inspection by Celestron, is found to be defective in materials or workmanship. Avoid street lights, yard lighting, rooftops, and chimneys, and never observe through an open window indoors.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The view through the filtered scope was not as detailed as in the sun funnel, but the warm yellow color was more aesthetically pleasing, and many of our visitors appreciated both views.

The telescope itself arrives virtually pre-assembled in the box. You can find some at our website http: The tiltangle of the rings varies over a period of many years, so they may be seen edge-on like a thin line or broadside like giant ears on each side of the planet.

Higher magnifications are useful for small and bright objects like planets and double stars. Retrieved from ” https: I like it even more now. Color filters and light pollution filters thread onto the eyepieces and are also pretty universal. Once you ve centered the desired object using your lowest-power eyepiece, go ahead and make the switch to a higher magnification. Slide the chrome end of the eyepiece into the eyepiece holder.

London and I watched the eclipse from the back porch, and Vicki came out a few times to look, too.

A group of us drove out into the middle of the valley to get out from under the trees, set the Astroscan on the hood of the truck, and spent a couple of hours just cruising the skies. As you observe any celestial object, remember that it is in motion.

The Long Life and Sudden Death of the Edmund Astroscan Telescope | Spectrum Scientifics’ Store Blog

This telescope is closer to optical perfection more than any instrument I have ever used before. Celestron reserves the right to replace any product which has been discontinued from its product line with a new product of comparable value and function. In the Edmund Scientific company started developing a telescope that would be its flagship model.


So we decamped to the top of the parking garage across the street.

Point the telescope at a lit wall indoors and look into the focuser drawtube. A Telescope For Everyone: Don t expect to see color, however, as human eyes are not sensitive enough to distinguish color from faint light.

Blot optical components gently and allow telescope to air-dry. The Vortex Spitfire 1x Prism Scope. You can also astrosczn them on eBay sometimes, but usually being manjal more dearly. The eyepiece holder and focuser B come already attached to the optical tube, next to where the finderscope A is mounted.

In this project, you will be observing at least three objects with a telescope or binoculars, and drawing what you see. It was tiny in the Astroscan—the kanual focal length limits the magnification—but very sharp, and he stayed hunched over the telescope after everyone else had gone off for some naked-eye stargazing. Okay, so how did it work in practice? I always had a soft spot for that scope. Do not use lotioned or scented tissues as they could damage the optics of your telescope.

The astrosscan thing about it is the complete freedom of movement it gives – including the freedom to turn the telescope around its long axis, to point the eyepiece in whatever direction suits you while keeping the ‘scope’s aim the same. Primary Mirror Design Parabolic.

In the Edmund Scientific website, now called Scientifics Direct, began offering a more common format altitude-azimuth mounted 4. With higher magnification eyepieces, you will be able to see cloud bands wrapped around the planet and the famous Great Red Spot.

Some people followed us over from downtown, and some found ,anual up there on their own. Few telescopes in this world are as….