OBJECTIVE: To review the literature on auditory dyssynchrony (AD) or neuropathy which is characterized by absent auditory brainstem. Braz J Otorhinolaryngol. Jul-Aug;77(4) Auditory neuropathy/Auditory dyssynchrony in children with Cochlear Implants. [Article in English. Auditory neuropathy (AN)/auditory dyssynchrony (AD) is a very often missed diagnosis, hence an underdiagnosed condition in clinical practice.

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Saurabh Varshney Department of E.

Auditory Neuropathy/Dys-synchrony and Its Perceptual Consequences

None, Conflict of Interest: Auditory neuropathy is a condition in which patients, on audiologic evaluation, are found to have normal outer hair cell function and abnormal neural function at the level of the eighth nerve.

These patients, on clinical testing, are found to have normal otoacoustic emissions, whereas auditory brainstem response audiometry reveals the absence of neural synchrony. Unlike space-occupying lesions, radiologic evaluation reveals normal results. Patients with auditory neuropathy require a different management approach to their auditory and communication problems from approaches used with patients with usual peripheral hearing losses.


Auditory brainstem responses, Auditory neuropathy, Otoacoustic emission. How to cite this article: A dyssyncrhony report with review of literature. Indian J Otol ; How to cite this URL: Conductive component could be seen on low frequency Click here to view. Tympanometry- Bilateral “A” type of curve, without ipsi and contralateral acoustic reflex.

No indication of middle ear pathology Click here to view.

Figure 3 a, b: Click here to view. On renaming auditory neuropathy as auditory dyssynchrony.

Clinical and audiological features in auditory neuropathy. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg ;9: Sininger YS, Trautwein P. Electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve via cochlear implants in patients with auditory neuropathy.

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Hearing loss in adult Refsum’s disease. Retrocochlear hearing disorder, including auditory dyssynchrony In: Gleeson M, Hilbert JS, editors. Scott- Brown’s Otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery. Hodder Arnold; table a.


Auditory neuropathy/auditory dyssynchrony in children with cochlear implants

Neurophysiological characteristics of infants and young children with auditory neuropathy. Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi ; Cochlear implantation of auditory neuropathy. J Am Acad Audiol ; Auditory brainstem implant as a salvage treatment after unsuccessful cochlear implantation. Related articles Auditory brainstem responses Auditory neuropathy Otoacoustic emission. Audutory What’s New Feedback Disclaimer.