Please read first our information sheet „Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren“ as well as the information sheets of the issuer. „Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren“ (=Basic information on investing in securities) as well as „Basisinformation über. Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren, Ausgabe Bank Verlag Medien. Published by Bank-Verlag Medien (). ISBN

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Third-broker Smart Order Router. Nature and frequency of reporting securities financing transactions We offer our customers the option to take up Lombard loans to finance their securities trades.

Definitions of Terms 1.

Our duty to achieve best eecution When eecuting your orders for the purchase or sale of financial instruments according to the definition in WpHG, the Bank takes all measures in order to baxisinformationen the best possible outcome for you in the eecution of the orders.

We ask our customers to carefully read and note these warnings. When issuing account balancing statements, the Bank shall make particular reference to this consequence. It is possible to involve the private banking ombudsman in order to resolve disputes with the Bank. Each and every wertpapiegen is strictly prohibited from passing on sensitive information from a confidentiality area to another of the Bank s areas or to eternal recipients.

This concerns, for eample, the obtaining of banking information from other credit institutions or the safekeeping and administration of securities abroad. General provisions Section 1 Name and seat of the company 1 The name of the company is Miba Aktiengesellschaft 2 The company is based in Laakirchen, More information.

Page Page 2 of In-house guidelines determine that, in order to prevent any eercising of influence on the part of sales staff, variable remuneration based on sales success may not be paid to certain employees. As a rule, foreign securities are held in safekeeping in the home country of the security and where applicable in the country in which the purchase was effected.

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Unofficial translation Riga, 11 November Regulation No. Note concerning deposit guarantee The Bank is affiliated to the deposit protection fund of Bundesverband deutscher Banken e. If the customer has taken on the duty to indemnify the Bank for another customer s liabilities for eample, as a guarantorthe Bank shall only have a claim for collateral to be provided or vermgensanpagen with regard to the debt resulting from the assumption of liability once it becomes due.


You can access this information within your order route.

German inde shares order volume dertpapieren thresholds defined by us Non-German inde shares order volume below thresholds defined by us Echange-traded bonds Investment funds order volume below thresholds defined by us Warrants order volume below thresholds defined by us Certificates order volume below thresholds defined by us Should the direct comparison fail to lead to a vermgejsanlagen e. In the future, you can send us your complaint easily and conveniently by electronic means.

In other respects, unless a different agreement has been made and in the absence of conflicting statutory provisions, the Bank shall determine the level of interest and fees at its own discretion of the German Civil Code. This Financial Services Guide FSG is for users of the directshares service, who have opened a directshares account on or after 11 September More information. Eecution venues envisaged by Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft Stock echanges The following eecution venues are available to our customers through a direct link on the basis of stock echange membership, electronic market access or via our brokerage desk: Best Execution Policy – Implementation Principles As a provider of financial services, Bank Vontobel Europe AG hereafter called the “Bank” has an obligation to have policies that ensure the best possible.

How to facilitate cross border trading? These restrictions on information are employed to enable Baader Bank AG to conduct transactions in the interests of its clients without being influenced by other information possessed by the Bank in other departments which could lead to a conflict of interests.

Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft – PDF

Compliance reports twice yearly to the Full Board and the Supervisory Board on anomalies and the observance of and adherence to the prevailing regulations.

Transactions in financial instruments from the blacklist are prohibited. Violations are not tolerated vermgendanlagen our Bank and can lead to disciplinary action.

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The orientation table wrtpapieren be found here. An order sent by telefa is only permissible following eplicit agreement of this method of communication. General provisions Section 1 Name and seat of the company 1 The name of the company is Miba Aktiengesellschaft 2 The company is based in Laakirchen.

Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft

If there are discernible signs of material market changes, which lead to the fact vermgensanlaen at the eecution venues determined according to the eecution policies the eecution of customer orders is no longer consistently guaranteed to be in the customer s best interests, the Bank shall where appropriate also review and modify these eecution policies during the year.

This secures all liabilities that are recognised on the balance sheet as Liabilities to customers. More details can be found in the Special conditions governing securities transactions. Client profile 6 5. These include sight, term and savings deposits including registered savings bonds.

Legal authenticity remains with the official Norwegian version as published in Norsk Lovtidend. Compliance itself is audited annually by Internal Auditing and an eternal auditor. A0J L46 Announcement of a subscription offer in accordance with section 5ger nd sentence, in combination with section 2 AktG This offer.

Page 2 of 6. Strategy for executing More information. The Bank is also permitted to sell vermgensanlaen best or dispose of foreign subscription rights in accordance with the practices applicable locally on the final trading day. Information about costs and incidental epenses We charge our customers a combination of fees, commission and eternal costs whose level depends on the type and etent of the investment services provided.

There is no best eecution obligation as defined in WpHG. These special conditions apply to the conclusion of financial contracts for difference CFDs Vermbensanlagen information. The compliance organization in place at Baader Bank AG embraces the following preventive measures among others for protecting wertpapierem safeguarding the interests of the Bank s clients: