many revivals of the Bodoni typeface; ATF Bodoni ), based on actual specimens at the Newberry. Bodoni is a typeface, developed by Giambattista Bodoni in Parma, Italia at the end of 18th centuries. Bodoni can be recognize from its extreme contrast in stroke . This is a type specimen created for one of my favorite typefaces, Bodoni. I just think it’s so elegant, which is why I incorporated fashion.

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Type Specimen (Bodoni)

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Graphic DesignTypography. About Bodoni type specimen poster deisgn. Typefaces create words, logos and create designs that communicate to the eyes of the individual staring zpecimen at them. Each typeface broadcasts a different message.

Bodoni – Wikipedia

Once you say, beautiful, typographers immediately think of the elegant typeface Bodoni. Bodoni is a serif typeface.

Serif in typography refers to the extension of strokes added to the letter itself. Bodoni was designed in Italy, year which makes it years old today.


The typeface was designed by Giambattisti bodoni, A typographer, printer and a designer who was named The King of Printers. Bodoni the designer was inspired by John Baskerville, a type designer, writing master and printer from England. Bodoni considered Baskerville as an idol and followed on his footsteps, but he rejected the Old style tradition of pen-inspired letters that he used.

Bodoni wanted to create a type that has a contemporary visual style in written communication.

He started working and developing what was already there and conceived the Bodoni we all know today, so in a way you could say that Bodoni typeface is a revolution itself, a revolution to a contemporary era, type wise. Bodoni is classified as a romantic modern typeface. Today, we see it everywhere from Fashion magazine covers, headlines, logos and body text. It is also used in decorative text and serves best on posters.

What makes Bodoni so distinctive than any other typeface is the extreme contrast in weight variations; the. The letters of this typeface have unbracketed hairline serifs. It is known for a small x-height and vertical stress.


Bodoni Type Specimen

It gives away this illusion of shimmer, but this optical effect occurs only when using the typeface in small sizes, at 9 and 7 points and it can be fixed by adjusting the spacing between the letters. Its gracefulness makes it popular. Zpecimen to Collection Copy link.

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