To obtain the PDF manual. 1. Enter the following URL in your computer. http:// I. 2. Choose “GT-1” as the product name. Owner’s Manual. Thank you, and congratulations on your choice of the BOSS GT Copyright © BOSS The manual should be saved and kept on hand as a conve-. The BRCD Owner’s manual consists of two volumes “Basic Operation” and “Owner’s BOSS GT-8, a CD player, or another similar device to allow.

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This method can be used when you have a decent guitar amplifier and you want to be able to add itliano amps preamp in the GT-8 FX chain. When you see it in a topic it simply means here is another opinion on the same topic from another poster.

Output Select Options Most common guitar amps have speakers that only reproduce a certain range of frequencies. I think this is the main cause of people getting confused with there amp behaving funny. Sorry if I stepped on any toes. Now go ahead, read it all, soak it up, print it out, and email it to your buddies. A power amps only job is to take a given signal and amplify it so that it can power speakers.


When you are deciding on the right output select to use, here are a thing to remember. This gives the common warm guitar sound that we are all used to hearing. If you are slighted by this then I can only apologise and beg your forgiveness, but please sleep well in the knowledge that you have contributed to a greater understanding of the GT-8 for guitarists worldwide. A power amp has no EQ or tone changing features because that is the job of a preamp.

This will result in a high frequency roll off, to give the more natural sound of a guitar amps speaker s.

Boss GT-5 Owner’s Manual

The top of the high frequency range is usually rolled off. These are just starter guidelines. The main reason to use a power amp is to get a very accurate sound reproduction being received from any inputs.

JC power amp, combo power amp, stack power amp. And keep in mind that the range labelled “high” is not the same in the onboard EQ where it controls the 10khz area than in the “Global” EQ where the “high” control is centred on 4,5 kHz. There’s just a couple of “basic” advices that I would give:.

  G3PA 240B VD PDF

Boss GT8 Brilliance

FYI, in this case, the overall frequency response is rather close to the result obtained through a Line 6 Vetta. You have now a nice round roll off in the high frequencies, which looks like the natural response of a tube preamp.

Plug the Guitar into the GT-8 input. Having any FX Loop knobs boxs switches set inappropriately will most likely cause confusion. Keep in mind that even if you are using the power amp from a regular guitar amp, that does not mean that you will get a full frequency response.

These speakers are usually only capable of reproducing a certain range of frequencies, so the power amp sound is not accurately reproduced. The preamp input is the main guitar input and its output is the FX send on ggt8 back of the amp. Finally, nearly all of all of these concepts are based on opinions and not fact, so use them as a springboard for your own creativity, not as commandments set in stone.

Try anything between 5 or 6 kHz and 11khz: Then, set your level with the little black knob near the guitar input of your GT. JC, small amp, combo amp, stack amp. Think about it, if you add up all the time and mental gymnastics expended by contributors through their incredible italano and inspired lateral thinking FOR FREE mind you, you will be blown away by the thousands of hours of work dedicated to helping all of us to reach tonal nirvana. For example you can set the FX chain to the following…WAH-LOOP-Delay-Reverb…and you will basically achieve the same setup as having your guitar plugged into a WAH pedal, then into your amp, then into the delay and then the reverb, just as if you gt88 using stomp boxes.

With this method you can use your amps preamp anywhere in the FX chain. This is the only way I will gig with it from now on. Both the preamp and power amp have an input and an output, and this is how we separate them.

But most of all use your ears and listen to what sounds best. Most power amps have full range frequency response. No one sounds “better” than the others: Then get tweaking and find YOUR sound. Dicas e Macetes em Eletronica Dicas e macetes em eletronica.


This method is the most simple to achieve. If you have a amp footswitch box, then make sure to read all of your manjale documentation about the Loop settings and switch behaviour. When you disable these cab sims, the overall tone of this option is close to those mentioned above in 2. This method should be used when your guitar amp has an FX Loop and you want to achieve the most accurate, unaltered sound of the GT Most speaker cabinet assemblies that are made for full frequency power amps often times use more than just one speaker, so that it can reproduce ALL frequencies.

You can cure it by blending an amount of “direct” sound to your cab sim.

Plug the GT-8 left itlaiano output, maniale the amps main guitar input. If you manuake an “high cut” filter, just think to add an amount of high frequencies no, it’s not a mistakein order to keep a robust tone despite of the high end roll off. This means that all frequencies are treated with equal volume.

A power amp section of a standard guitar amp will give a full frequency response, however the speakers usually consist of only one speaker per channel. Both clean and distortion patches are fuller and richer sounding. In order for the 4 cable method to work properly, you will need to have a serial FX loop, not a parallel FX loop.

This will prevent any direct signal from mixing with the GT-8 processed signal, which is slightly delayed due to processing, and causing a out of phase signal. Plug the guitar into the GT-8 input. Play your patches and listen. This means that you can use the GT-8 preamps and distortions as normally possible, but also your amps preamp as well, or any manuzle of these. Use the FX return of your amps but change the output option: