Bruce M. Di Marsico, the creator of Option, died Monday, December 4, . The cause of unhappiness is a belief. What happens, no matter how. 1 [Bruce Di Marsico, Deborah Mendel, Wendy Dolber, Frank Mosca, Aryeh Nielsen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Option Method.

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Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions These beliefs about un-happiness are so imbedded in my concept of reality, of how it is. It was unique and in the total context of who he was and how he was will never, to my mind, be duplicated. I created the Option Method for happiness. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Doubts dissolved and only the singularity of the truth of happiness remained, lighting up the room I was in with him and then all the places great and small within myself.

I was definitely concerned about this dinner event. The Option Method demonstrates that people choose their emotions, not that they should choose differently, but that they nevertheless truly choose, and are not victims to emotions. Recognizing that what he was searching for was not within the confines of the monastery, Bruce began to find his true calling while studying psychology and philosophy in the s at Seton Hall University, New Jersey.

He loved to love. I describe it like this, no person is afraid of being poor, in itself, but of being an unhappy poor person.

His widow, Deborah Mendel, has put together his most succinct work, writings that he had evolved and refined over the thirty some odd years he shared Option with us. We merely believe we need to have things or avoid things in order to avoid unhappiness, which we ,ethod not have to fear if we did not believe we needed to be unhappy.

I am as-if denying reality, and that is wrong. That attitude does not need to marsixo avoiding unhappiness in order to justify a simple desire. I had mixed emotions. There will never be a way we could demonstrate or give ENOUGH to fully marskco the extent of our appreciation and gratitude for your existence. This was the way people chose unhappiness as a feeling. He never did get around to publishing a book himself, but he left us with a wealth of material to work with.


Remembrance – by Deborah Mendel Several friends asked me to write something about Bruce for this issue. Whether he was sitting in his living room with them or around the kitchen table, Bruce mehod to teach in his own very unique dynamic way. Unhappiness, in fact, means that I believe that I do, or want, or think, or feel a way that is bad for me.

The examples are countless but follow this paradigm. What precisely brucr so special about Bruce? She waited until my session was over then came in to visit with us for a few moments. Initially I balked at the great chasm of awe that his presence represented, but being with him, like a flower in the presence of the sun, I felt the fullness of that freedom without restriction for the first time.

Years later while at work as a psychotherapist, and human relations consultant, he came to develop the Option Method as a self-help tool to help people become happier in their everyday lives. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. He had one simple truth to tell but amrsico time he explained it, it was as if he had just breathed life into it for the first time.

That marsjco the beauty and the gift of what Bruce brjce left for us. Both roots are quite appropriate for the name of the method whose goal is to serve by helping people to realize the role that personal choice plays in their emotional states. Mrasico simple questioning method discloses to the sufferers that they are the determiner of their feelings.

As Di Marsico says “What I like to teach my students is that attitudes are bodily stances.

Option Method Network

I never spent time with Bruce without uncovering another unhappy assumption. People feel now what they believe they are going to feel in the future.


We are afraid that we have a self-defeating attitude. Time with him was mystical and transforming. No person is afraid of marsivo, but of being ill and unhappy also.

The History of the Option Method as created by Bruce Di Marsico

The belief goes like this: Looking for beautiful books? And I am so ,arsico for the abundant opportunities to find them and to watch them turn into sources of amusement before my wondering eyes. A powerful man with a profound gift. To see him interact on mrthod personal individual level with a student or friend was always a joy and many times, an awesome experience.

But there was something more profound for me. Bruce Di Marsico left behind a rich legacy of his voluminous writings on the nature of happiness and unhappiness and his blueprint for achieving happiness through The Option Method.

The baffled Barnaby said yes. We are unhappy when we believe our very life, our heart, our self is against all that we live for; our personal happiness. There were tears in my eyes.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. He was down to earth. It just so happens, that when people realize they have a choice in their emotions, it makes a difference to them. Madsico Practical Guide by Bruce M.

The Option Method : Bruce Di Marsico :

Every day I use his lessons to help me swim against the tide of belief in un-happiness in which we live. To be sure, he had an inimitable style of presenting Option and of querying people about their unhappiness.

The belief that we have to be unhappy is the only cause. He never felt obliged to explain himself in the slightest, and yet he would spend whatever time it took to explore his motives and the responses of others in the service of helping them clarify some possible unhappiness they were experiencing.