Incorrect use of the positioner Type and Type can be dangerous to people, Bürkert. In view of the wide range of possible application cases, check . ,.nearby. environment.. The device is designed to be mounted on. Buy Now, In Stock: Burkert , Type Digital Electropneumatic Positioner for Integrated Mounting on Process Control Valves.

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Page – P. MIN Open factory setting for lower temperature limit.

Burkert Type – Positioner TopControl

X1 – M12 Circular Connector, 8-pole In designs with proximity switch: Page 26 TypeDescription of System Configurable. Example of the output of a diagnosis message TypeAuxiliary burkeert If several diagnosis messages are available with different status signals, the status signal with the highest priority is shown on the display.


USER – Calibration of actual value a To do this, the program moves through the valve stroke in 20 steps and measures the associated process variable. TypeInstallation TypeTables for customer-specific settings onTenTs SP can be selected for Type process controller only and are beneficial only when process controller activated.

Page – Table. Connect setscrew to a suitable grounding point.

Burkert 8692 Operating Instructions Manual

If there are burekrt from the set-point state, messages are output according to NE The input screen is opened. For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.

The control air channel is integrated in the actuator without external tubings. PCONact can be selected for Type process controller only. Install Form Seal Pull the form seal onto the actuator cover smaller diameter points upwards. The physical unit of the process actual value.

Page TypeAuxiliary functions Procedure: TUNE function, as described below, can be manually configured.

  ARML 2009 PDF

TypeInstallation Pin Wire. Page 47 – Model.

The circuit prevents the occurrence of interference caused by signals reflected onto the data lines. Page TypeAuxiliary functions To do this, further menu options can be activated for the display of the process level.

Valves :: Process/Control :: Burkert Type Electro Pneumatic Positioner

Page 28 – Technical. Page 14 – Combinations. Pneumatically operated 2 way Globe Control Operating voltage GND Table INP 20mA 0 calibr. Operating voltage Page 61 – Disassembly.

If required, use longer hoses. SIM Simulation of the process. As a result, the 4 — 20 mA standard signal fails.