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Select a language NL English. Previous page Next page. English Ask a question. Table of Contents Page: Applications The built-in sensors of this watch measure barometric pressure, temperature and altitude. Measured values are then shown on the display. Such features make this watch useful when hiking, mountain climbing, or when engaging in other such outdoor activities.

Values produced by this watch should be considered as reasonable representations only. E-4 Things to check before using the watch 1.

Set the current time. The watch is now ready for use. The mode you should select depends on what you want to do. Scrolling The B and D instrukcjz are used on the setting screen to scroll through data on the display. In most cases, holding down these buttons during a scroll operation caiso through the data at high speed. E Timekeeping Use the Timekeeping Mode to set and view the current time and date. This is the city code setting screen.

PM indicator City code Seconds Hour: Press C to nistrukcja the DST setting screen. After all the settings are the way you want, press A to return to the Timekeeping Mode.

Changing the digital Home City data should cause the analog time setting to change accordingly. If the analog time does not indicate the digital time, check the home positions of the hands and make adjustments if necessary page E E To change the current time and date settings 1.

Use D and B to select the city code you want. City code PM indicator Seconds Hour: Screen To do this: Toggle between hour 12H and hour 24H timekeeping. Reset the seconds to 00 Press D. Change the year, month, or day 5. Press A to obsubi the setting screen. No indicator appears for times from midnight to With hour format, time is displayed from 0: E Hand Home Position Correction The hour and minute hands of the watch can be thrown off by exposure to strong magnetism or impact.


The watch is designed to correct the hour and minute hand positions manually. To adjust home positions 1. In the Hand Setting Mode, hold down A for about two seconds until 0: Check the positions of the hour and minute hands.

Temperature Current time Barometric pressure Pressure differential level indicator Temperature Current time Barometric pressure Pressure differential level indicator E 2. The barometric pressure value will reappear cassio soon as the measured barometric pressure is within the allowable range.

The temperature value will reappear as soon as the measured temperature is within the allowable range.

If the level indicator is here: Minus — side Pressure is falling and weather will tend to deteriorate. Pressure Sensor and Temperature Sensor Calibration The pressure sensor and temperature sensor built 10 the watch are calibrated at the factory and normally require no further adjustment.

If you notice serious errors obsugii the pressure readings and temperature readings produced by the watch, you can calibrate a sensor to the reading of another device to correct the errors.

Carefully read the following before doing anything. E To calibrate the pressure sensor and the temperature sensor 1.

Take a reading with another measurement device to determine the exact current barometric pressure or temperature.

Casio SGW100-1V Wrist Watch SGW100-1V user manual

This is the setting screen. To achieve a more accurate temperature measurement, remove the watch from your wrist, place it in a well ventilated location out of direct sunlight, and wipe all moisture from the case. It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes for the case of the watch to reach the actual surrounding temperature. After that, the altitude readings produced by the watch will be more accurate than they would without a reference altitude value.

To take instrukcjja altimeter reading 1. Make sure the watch is in the Timekeeping Mode. Press D to start Altimeter measurement. For details about temperature readings, see “Temperature” page E An altitude value will reappear as soon as the altitude reading is within the allowable range.

You also can specify a reference altitude value, if you want.

Casio SGWV Wrist Watch SGWV user manual – – Solve your problem

Specifying a Reference Altitude Value The altitude readings instrukcj by this watch are subject to error caused by changes in air pressure. Because of this, we recommend that you update the reference altitude value whenever accurate altitude information is available during your climb. After you specify a reference altitude value, the watch adjusts its air-pressure-to-altitude conversion calculation accordingly.

E To specify a reference altitude value 1. E Vasio does the altimeter work? Generally, air pressure and temperature decrease as altitude increases. When air pressure changes because of changes in the weather Extreme temperature changes When the watch itself is subjected to strong impact E There are two standard methods of expressing altitude: Absolute altitude and relative altitude.


Absolute altitude expresses an absolute height above sea level. Relative altitude expresses the difference between the height of two different places. This means that altitude readings for the same location may vary if air pressure changes. When taking altitude measurements, do not subject the watch to temperature changes. These settings cannot be changed.

To specify temperature, barometric pressure, and altitude units 1. Perform the operations below to specify the units you want.

To specify this unit: To toggle between these settings: After the settings are the way you want, press A to exit the setting screen. E Precautions Concerning Simultaneous Measurement of Altitude and Temperature Though you can perform altitude and temperature measurements at the same time, you should remember that each of these measurements requires different conditions for best results.

With temperature measurement, it is best to remove the watch from your wrist in order to eliminate the effects of body heat. In the case of altitude measurement, on the other hand, it is better to leave the watch on your wrist, because doing so keeps obshgi watch at a constant temperature, which contributes to more accurate altitude measurements.

Note that removing the watch from your wrist can affect pressure sensor readings momentarily. Next, the display will change to show the city code of the currently selected World Time City. Other time zones are not affected. Next, the display will change to show the stopwatch hours.

Next, the display will change to show the countdown time hours. To specify the countdown start time 1. Enter the Countdown Timer Mode. If it is, press D to stop it and then A to reset to the countdown start time. This alarm will sound in all modes. The countdown time is reset to its starting value automatically when the alarm sounds. To stop the alarm Press any button. When a daily alarm is turned on, an alarm tone will sound for about 10 seconds each day when the time in the Timekeeping Mode reaches the preset alarm time.

This is true even if the watch is not in the Timekeeping Mode. You can also turn on an Hourly Time Signal, which will cause the watch to beep twice every hour on the hour. The alarm number indicates an alarm screen. In the Alarm Mode, use D to scroll through the alarm screens until the one whose time you want to set is displayed. To test the alarm In the Alarm Mode, hold down D to sound the alarm.