Raw edge, moulded cogged datum length Ld = pitch length Lw. Further sizes are available on request optibelt VB – LC: V-Belts with Light Coloured Cover Fabric. OPTIBELT has manufactured – based on meanwhile far more For details of the upgraded/cast special belts please see our compact catalogue ā€˛Material. Catalogo Correas Optibelt Pdf Download. 1/3. Catalogo Correas Optibelt Pdf Download. 2/3. a4c8ef0b3e blazevideo hdtv player professional.

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Helps eliminate compression cracks. Particular attention shouldbe given to wobbling sheaves, a shiny groove bottom and worngroove sidewalls. Carlisle Limited WarrantyProducts manufactured by Carlisle are warranted to be free from defects in material and correws under nor-mal operating conditions of recommended usage for a period of 12 months after shipment.

This flexibilityallows you to locate the parts youneed from more sources than anyother industry designs around. Instead,dimensions are given for the key itself, which is rectangular in shape, not square as in the English system.

In some cases, as the boreincreases in diameter, a shallow keyseat is provideddue to insufficient metal thickness. Catalogo correas extensibles Flexi Documents. Or where conventional, single or multiple-beltdrives are impractical because ofspace or weight limitations.

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Thisgives the belt an upward directionof lateral movement. Available in A, B, C, D cross-sec-tion. Catalogo de Correas y Poleas Lptibelt. The cord is coated witha special compound that produces a secure, long-lastingbond with the surrounding rubber to assure longer lifewithout separation problems. Gold Labels unique cogdesign permits flexibilitythat enables the belt tobend more easily aroundthe pulley.


Bodega cataloog, Colonia las Americas. Carlisles Raw Edge constructioncontributes to outstanding operating efficiency. Permits design of considerably smaller,more economical drive packages. Special tapered surfaces improve grip.

This assuresa safe and satisfactory drive. Features of the XDV include apremium base cushion for applicationsrequiring a back-side idler. Optibekt V-Belts have thesame cross section dimensionsas regular belts and can beinstalled on existing sheaves withno changes in set up. Synchro-Cog Dual Timing BeltProvides synchronized transfer of power from both top and bottom sides of the belt.

Thesedrives make possible lower cost,lighter weight, more compactdrives.

La medida de las indicaciones, marcadas sobre se correa, se hace una vez nada ms en el momento del montaje. Theyrequire less power,use smaller pulleydiameters. They enable you to design more effi-cient, more compact, more profitabledrives. Where rim speed or severeequipment vibration requires it,Carlisle pulleys can also be dynami-cally balanced on request for a nomi-nal fee.

catalogo de correas optibelt pdf download

Additional DimensionalInformationThis catalog contains the most com-monly requested dimensional infor-mation for identifying standardCarlisle replacement pulleys. Wedge-BandPower-Wedge Belt in banded design. Theystay tight and run true. Super Blue Ribbon is the idealchoice for dependable performanceon an extremely wide range of appli-cations A, B, C, D, and E sections single or multiple drive. Highly skilled metallur-gists determine the exact formulaused for each Carlisle componentcast in modern U.

catalogo correas optibelt pdf to jpg

New v-belts should never be installed without athorough inspection of the sheaves. Facewidth, outside diameter and pitchdiameter where applicable are alllisted for your convenience. Help dissipateheat cztalogo contribute tolonger belt life. Calculo de Correas segn catalogo Roflex Documents. Flag for inappropriate content. With the Panther System, you gethigher torque power transmission withless wear, less catalkgo, less mainte-nance from a smaller, more compactdrive using smaller sprocket diame-ters and reduced face widths.


Molded rib constructionyields better rib formation. Effective March 1, andsupersedes price schedule of January1, Correas trapeciales estrechas de alto rendimiento. Provides greater shearresistance and loadcapacity on both sidesof the belt. Theflange has two drilled and twotapered holes for easy assemblywith two capscrews. Whenever possible, reels will contain one continuous length. While ISO registration is an accomplishment to beproud of, it is extremely rare that registration is granted for multiple sites under the same application.

In addition, Blue Ribbonsdependable length stabilitymeans the optibbelt requiressignificantly less re-tensioningand take-up. Eliminates belt whip and turnover on conventional drives.

Poleas Catxlogo Catalogo Martins Documents. Stretches morethan ordinary bias-cut fabricto improve belt flex life. Superiorresistance to heat,ozone, grease, oil and friction wear and abrasion. Forapplications that demand Raw Edge, use our Super ll Combo belt. Does notstretch orshrink sothere is noneed for coorreas ten-sions to overcompensate for tension decay.

Because the fin-fan drivehas a vertical shaft, the belt is builtwith Z twist construction only. Catalogo General Correas Texrope Documents. Thisgives you the freedom to use a sin-gle belt for a series of pulleys which traditionally required more drives. It shrugsoff shock loads. Results in better belt stability andfewer take-up adjustments.

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