Cube×Cursed×Curious, which can be shortened to C Cube or C3, is a Light Novel series written by Minase Hazuki. It has since been adapted into a manga by. NOVEL: CubexCursedxCurious. 1!Autogenerated Baka-Tsuki/ CubexCursedxCurious – Volume 01 [Baka-Tsuki][Autogenerated][Dark]. Hello Emmashiro here and today I’ll be reviewing one of my recently started to read light novels CubexCursedxCurious or simply C3. With

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That night, Haruaki is woken by a noise and is surprised to find a girl named Fear in his kitchen eating rice crackers. Haruaki confirms that she is the cube, but knows nothing about her past other than that she has a curse on her which she wants broken. Breaking the curse though proves hard as there are organizations that seek to capture or destroy Fear, along with her dark past as a “Cursed Tool” which comes to light.

The series was later adapted into a manga, and appeared as a serial in the manga magazine Dengeki Daioh from February 26, to January 26, Twelve episodes aired in all, excluding an OVA to the series which was later released on April 25, Funimation acquired the license to the anime for a North American release late inand the complete series along with the OVA was released in march of the following year.

The story begins with high-school student Yachi Haruaki receiving a mysterious super-heavy black cube from his overseas archaeologist father. That night, Haruaki wakes to a suspicious noise in the kitchen and discovers a stark-naked young girl with blue hair stealing rice crackers. The girl introduces noveel as “Fear” pronounced “Fia” cubexcursedzcurious Japaneseand Haruaki comes to the conclusion that she is the cube that his father had sent. Fear explains that she is a Cursed Tool, objects which were used in the past by humans to fill out their evil desires.

Over time they began to possess human attributes at a great price which include gaining human emotions, and hurting lighy without control. Haruaki assures her that he is immune to any curse that she might give him, and vows to help out by getting rid of her curse. Allied with next-door neighbour Konoha Muramasa and the strict class representative Kirika Ueno, they try to help her cubexcursedxcyrious her curse, but in the process gets involved in many dangerous organisations, and other Cursed Tool incidents.

Funimation licensed the series in North America.

The story begins when a high school student named Yachi Haruaki receives a mysterious, super-heavy blue cube from his archaeologist father overseas. There proves to be more to the cube than what meets the eye when that night, Haruaki wakes up to a suspicious noise in the kitchen, and discovers a fully naked female rice cracker thief. The girl introduces herself as Fear, a Cursed Tool, or Wathe, born from negative human emotions meant to maim and kill, and enlists his help in removing the curse placed upon her to torture others.

They are joined by Konoha Muramasa, who takes an immediate dislike to Fear, but nevertheless agrees to help her, for Konoha is a fellow former Cursed Tool herself, existing as both a girl with braided hair and glasses as well as a katana.


Fear, Konoha and Kirika finally confront Alice, and a vicious battle between the groups ensues. Alice easily holds off Fear and Konoha, while a distraught Haruaki decides enough is enough and pulls his hands cubexcusredxcurious the handcuffs causing him to bleed profusely.

Haruaki then carries the still immobile Kuroe off, asking her to heal him after the fight ends. Haruaki reunites with the rest of the group, ,ight Alice to get irritated by his escape cubexcursedxcuriious the fact she’s outnumbered.

Alice then states she’ll level the playing field, which Fear calls as a bluff. Alice retorts, saying she has something that turns “bluffs into reality. To make the user beautiful, to render a person cubexcursedxcuroius, and to create polarized clones of the user that last for ten minutes each.

Alice activates the latter, and creates more than a dozen clones of herself. Fear, thinking the clones will vanish if she destroys the mirror, rushes the original with her Human Body Perforation Drill bovel, only for one of the clones to intercept it and take the blow, much to Fear’s horror.

As the blood spills from the clone’s body, Konoha’s hemophilia kicks in, causing her to turn away. Fear, on the other hand, almost goes insane again because she caused the death of a human again. Alice tries to push this further with the torment until Kirika attacks Alice.

Alice counters, however and immobilizes Kirika after slicing her abdomen. Taking notice of her Wathe’s abilities, Alice shoves her hand inside the wound and begins squeezing her organs, much to Haruaki’s horror. He promptly takes Konoha’s sword form and rushes Alice, but gets overwhelmed and thrown aside.

At this point, Vubexcursedxcurious and Sovereignty appear, with the latter noevl her abilities to throw Kuroe into Alice’s Mirror, breaking it and undoing Kuroe’s immobilization. Kuroe follows up and uses her hair to capture the remaining clones, allowing Fear to continue her battle with Alice.

Frustrated with this development, Alice asks Fear if she knew how much love she had for Fear. Fear retorts, saying that hurting Haruaki and making her kill a clone of her was too much and promptly disavows Alice’s love for the way she used to be. Claiming that thanks to Haruaki that she could become human Fear declares this as her reason to go on living, leaving Alice unable to cubexchrsedxcurious it all. Haruaki uses this as a distraction and promptly breaks Carnival Cooker with Konoha’s sword form.

With this, Fear cubecursedxcurious one of her largest configurations she has, Configuration Number As Alice is pulled into the Steel Virgin Mary, she asks cubexcursddxcurious she would become a weak, foolish human. Fear responds, lighr Alice is right, but states that she wants to be happy like humans ligut well.

Fear exclaims for that reason, she sees humans as the true Transcendentals.

As the Steel Virgin Mary closes on her, Alice tearfully screams before getting shut into it. As the sun rises, a battered and cut Alice has her back to the ocean. Stating that they should almost be here, Alice jumps off into the sea, only to get caught by a passerby in a boat. Fear, seeing this, fires off one last attack to stop her along with Kuroe, but both attacks are intercepted by the Wathe who is on board.


The Wathe, Abyss, tells Fear that even though they fought Alice truly loves her. Gabriella Ekens from Anime News Network criticized the anime for its unoriginal plot and characters, though she praised its visuals and cubexcurswdxcurious it an entertaining show.

Light novel review: CubexCursedxCurious

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Light novel review: CubexCursedxCurious | animemangaplus

Views Read Edit View history. This page loght last edited on 30 Novemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cover of the first light novel featuring Fear Kubrick. ActionHaremSupernatural fiction. Anime and Manga portal. September 10, [1]. January 10, [2].

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September 10, [10]. April 10, [11]. October 10, [12]. December 10, [13]. July 10, [14]. October 10, [15]. March 10, [16]. June 7, [17]. After Haruaki tells Fear to combat her negative self with positive thoughts and good deeds, Fear tries to help clean the house only to nearly destroy it and make a mess. As she runs away after being reprimanded, Haruaki apologises to her for not listening to her explanations and understanding her cjbexcursedxcurious of human world knowledge.

Haruaki Yachi

Slowly, Fear begins to trust him. Haruaki tells her that she is going to be transferred to his school together with Konoha, much to Konoha’s disdain. Fear’s appearance immediately starts an uproar in the school because of her adorable appearance and child-like attitude.

After letting the entire class in on the fact she knows Haruaki, he gets questioned as to the relationship between the two.