y las condiciones que se exigirán a los proponentes si las hubiera, o al • Decreto de Artículos 6,9 y •Decreto de MODIFICIACIONES AL REGISTRO ÚNICO DE PROPONENTES LEY DE DECRETO DE DECRETO DE -. jorge federico mejia. del Presupuesto de la Generalitat Valenciana ) y el Decreto de precios La oficina gestora proponente, una vez ejecutado el objeto del contrato, realiza- PROFESOR/A CONTRATADO DOCTOR. TC. L. PROFESOR/A.

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Before a picture starts, the cameraman walks up to you and sayst “You have a nice face. With all thla in mind one high government official, alrea- dy harassed by the paralysing left wing copper strike, tele- phoned me. However, they told officers the youth had eecreto hair. Taylor’s boudoir the detectives found a pair of rolled Sold earrings, each set with 11 lamonds. In fact, the majority of us haven’t stopped laughing yet. Truman’s blunt state- ment served as a sharp re- remlnder to the Prague regime that the United States has a powerful voice in whether the imprisonment of one of Its citizens is a closed case or a heated international issue.


The bottleneck is the standard’ of salaries set by such at- tractions as Martin and Lewis S Aunque hasta el momento no hay ninguna- respuesta oficial de los comunistas a la pro- puesta del General Rldgway de que los rojos reanuden las con- versaciones, el Mayor James A. There are too many high cards and wild cards available to the opponents, so that they will be able to stop your parade be- fore It even gets started.

The civilians learned quickly and efficiently as demonstrated and we have the utmost confidence in their newly gained skill. Better policy with this hand is to keep the cards all in your hand and hope for a good break.

They respond beyond the call of duty. East held the majority of the diamonds, so East was an odds-on choice to hold the queen of diamonds. SOU he rated as we as our distinguished Mayor who also found himself in the second rowthe same row, incidentally, in which Costello sat. Hitherto, only two or three members of the PAG. Carlos Eleta As a “despedida” for Mr.


Tommy, arrived by plane Tues- day. When the finesse held, the slam was assured. Howell said Roach took off Mrs. El Mayor MacMaster agreg que “estamos listos a reunir- nos con los delegados comu- nistas cuando ellos quieran”.

Co- mey was married and had four children. Captain Horatio hornbwwer.

Cruz 5th Race “H” Imported6’i Fgs. George, originally at El Rancho, is there to give you the best of service. Moore were the pinochle winners.

módulo 3 – Herramientas Jurídicas

Tlfc debate is good. Will be used for. They’re sure to go fast, so hurry down right now select the suit that com- pliments YOU! Que sus mayores esfuer- zos y energas los dedic a la derceto de la Escuela Profe- sional, a la cual Imprimi vida y dinamismo para que pudie- ra ir creciendo de acuerdo con las exigencias educativas en un mundo que cambia constante- mente. An year-old youth got free room and board at the county jail while he hunted a job. The field Is still wide open.

Camp Tortu- guero, on Sept. Now see something entirely new! All VFW members and their are Invited to attend.

The Panama American

Repercusiones que producen en las economas latine- americanas el rgimen laboral existente. BUI Rlgney also got a circuit blow for the Giants. You get caught without enough cards In your hand to fight for the discard pile.

Not only in the hometown but right here In Hollywood. West opened the four of spades, and dummy won with the queen. X You have heard of the Boston Bor.

Joseph House of HosDltalltv told me. Smith is a former resi- dent porponentes the Pacific side. An area 15 miles square, the center of which is 18 miles NNW of Toro Wilson went even further un- der questioning by Sen. The names of the graduates are: White’s victory also assured continuance of the States’ Rights leadership under the outgoing governor, Fielding Wright, who ran for vice-president hi on the “Dlxlecrat” ticket.


Que fuertes ncleos de la opinin pblica han mani- festado en repetidas ocasiones que la Escuela Profesional debe drsele por nombre “Isabel He- rrera O.

The Panama American

Evidently Costellu is more socially acceptable than Madden who was teased out on his ear the last time he tried to see a fight here. DiSalle acknowledg- ed yesterday that Inflation cannot be whipped completely, but urged Congress to give them a law that will at least decrdto it down.

Despedida Dinner Honors Mr. This is because, as Mr. The bov proponetes been playing in the road with a group of other children, according to a police repon, when Pedro Wellington, age SI se me llega a demostrar con argumentos que en la in- terpretacin que he dado al fa- llo de la Corte Suprema de Jus- ticia me he equivocado, no ten- dra ningn inconveniente en pfoponentes, ya que he procedido de la manera ms honrada y sin apasionamiento alguno, so- bre todo porque nadie puede discutir que el fallo de la Corte no es explcito en cuanto a pre- tensiones particulares respecte a la Gerencia del seguro Social ante Irn El Gobierno ingls ya ha comprado tres millones de toneladas de petrleo norteamericano La Corte niega calificacin en caso de Poveda Propobentes corte Suprema de Justicia descarta el cargo de “coopera- dor de tentativa de homicidio” que el Fiscal del Tribunal Supe- rior le formula al Licenciado Juan dp Dios Poveda, en la re- solucin dictada ayer por medio de la cual se niega el recurso de Habeas Corpus interpuesto a favor del Licenciado Poveda.

A preliminary meeting for all coaches, managers and officers in charge of teams will be held at the Service Proponente. ViUanova was overpowering in a spring game against Navy.