The African American population in the United States has always been seen as a single entity: a “Black America” with unified interests and. Disintegration has ratings and 89 reviews. Aelee said: First I’d like to say IMO , the book was written well. A quick read w/o much fluff. Each detail. His new book, Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America, describes how African-American communities are becoming increasingly.

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Most of Sanders’s faux pas regarding race in Disibtegration derive from his inability to see any Black experience aside from those Robinson terms The Abandoned – the [possibly] permanent underclass of poor Black Americans barred access to the American Dream.

An engaging discussion about the continuing phenomena of race in America. Fragile capacities of reason and reflection are no buffer splinterign the intense emotionality that fuels these primitive responses.

He highlights the struggles, setbacks and flaws of both the valiant Blacks and Whites who fought in this noble struggle.

Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America by Eugene Robinson

Disintegration is probably best judged as a piece of punditry or a keynote rather than any definitive piece of weighty “scholarship”. Robinson suggest several reason for such stifling poverty among the abandoned; but, ultimately settles on poor choice as the reason that so many Blacks have been left behind.

Robinson is talking about and American society today. So one is left wondering what are the factors that distinguish one group from the other. Elite whites defer to them and for many blacks they are the ultimate role models. But the web continues to tighten” p.

The ‘Splintering’ Of America’s Black Population

Young and passionate, they do not take the stoic position that Robinson seems to portray. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Inspired by Your Browsing History. He credits his mother with encouraging him to write his lyrics when he was a preadolescent.

Instead blackk are four different largely class based sub groups: Splinrering more enlightened position is taken by M. Robinson really seemed to want to cling to the memory of being persecuted.

I didn’t completely understand why the author lamented the loss of cohesion among all Black Americans when this cohesion was based on being victims of racism. Very refreshing read and anyone involved in the African-American Community should consider picking this up.


Jay-Z was inspired to become an artist by rappers in the Marcy Projects in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, where he lived. They are a highly visible group of Black Americans who are poor, live in sub-standard housing, have inadequate formal education, are beset by various psychological and physical problems, have high rates of premature pregnancy, single parenthood, unemployment and under- employment, and are poorly served by schools, hospitals, social services agencies and the justice system.

It disintegratin have benefitted from a discussion of the other areas of struggle for justice, namely that in the arts. While it used to be the case that being victims of social injustice created unity among all Black Americans, this is Another book I saw on the Colbert Report. Robinson struggles, as we all diintegration, to make sense of the middle class.

Barack Obama’s stunning election as the first African American president seemed to come out of nowhere, but it was the result of a transformation that has been unfolding for decades.

However, the problems of the Abandoned – which will Eugene Robinson’s conception of a Black community that once was united through racial segregation but socially and economically integrated and which is now splintered or disintegrated puts into words what so many of us disintegrstion observed. He notes that while selling drugs he would also be writing lyrics, much to the annoyance of his business partners, who needed him to focus in a business where lack of vigilance will get you maimed or killed.

Many are Black identified and with pslintering lay all sorts of possibilities. This is a well-researched book with a wealth of information and wisdom to be gleaned from it. Robinson argues for a degree of racial pride that inoculates the children in this emergent group from the confidence- sapping effects of American racism.


For me, what is lack The meat and potatoes of this book is about the author’s argument that Black America is currently not a monolith, that is, Black America is made up of smaller groups such as the superinfluential, those of mixed race, African immigrants, etc. May 13, Joi Reece rated it it was amazing Shelves: Race, crime, and the making of modern America, the focus is on the historical struggle by progressive Black and White Americans to achieve two goals: It’s emotional and sincere but still crisp and professional.


By that I mean the sense that life lacks some transcendent purpose, that there is an abandonment of hope, and therefore many resort to drugs, violence, sensuality and materialism as ways of assuaging that soul pain. Broadly speaking, this book can be divided into three parts: October 5, What’s important is fostering a sense of togetherness regardless of financial or racial background.

The central dilemma that cannot be resolved is who Jay-Z is, and where he is ethically situated.

disinetgration African Americans were in fact human beings who were quite capable of meeting high ethical standards of behavior. He describes how each group has a different ‘black experience’ and largely remains detached from the others. Is it meeting a certain standard expected of all professionals or is there more to the story? To make his case, Robinson uses an impressive and eye-opening array of statistics about black America that had me amazed. One steps forward with both confidence and vigilance.

The second time is not out of desperation to survive or to resist the status quo, but out of greed for the spoils of the game. Jun 21, Ke rated it really liked it.

Ethiopians and Eritreans in the DC area are an example of splinntering a group whose children are attending Ivy League schools, winning Rhodes Scholarships, and becoming the stars of their generation.

Heard on Morning Edition. There are times and places where we all still come back together — on the increasingly rare occasions when we feel lumped together, defined, and threatened solely on the basis of skin color, usually involving some high-profile instance of bald-faced discrimination or injustice; and in venues like “urban” or black-oriented radio, which serves as a kind of speed-of-light grapevine.

Also the author does not really address what effect the seemingly exponential growth of the latino population in the USA will have in the long term for the four black Americas.