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We must be very reasonable when talking with clients.

Can you tell me more about your full offer? Currently the Italians do not exist on this market, they have been excluded by this situation. Do you think such a situation may come back?

Yes, I came before. For them, a collection of modern frontsmade of wood and nowogsrdzki the beauty of this natural material was created.

However, we do not have any influence on the exchange rate. It’s passion enchanted in wood. Now when you look at interiors you can notice subtle emergence of chests of drawers, very comfortable pieces of furniture and they must be nice. Ateny, Berlin, Oslo oraz Sofia.

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A panel has been moved back in the XHF stile which now provides an additional functionality — a lower grip. The framework of miter construction is made from solid alder, and the profiled MDF panel veneered with a cherry veneer.

Among those elements you can find: The Chopin fronts have edges with a cutter and expressive wood grain structure on the panel.

Some time later we made an offer and bought the objects. Despite the quite restrictive conditions on the local market, the owners of Drewpol emphasize that their industry is profitable. We came up with the idea that we would produce cupboard door. A similar, contoured panelsthis time in a dark stainwe can find in the Ravel type FG fronts collection.


Trend w Designie Nowoczesnej Kuchni – Urządzamy Dom i Mieszkanie – 2017/2018

For lovers of classical solutions Drewpol has an interesting offer too. Its specially shaped panel forms a handle with the upper sile, thus creating a complete, fully functional product. At some point everyone was concerned about the crisis, they wondered what will happen in a month and orders started flowing rapidly. The edges covered with patina emphasize the great proportions. We mean the installation of the VOCs disposal volatile organic compounds, produced in the industrial processes.

at WI. Nowogardzki Niezależny Portal Informacyjny | Niezależny portal

However, I must admit that I was blocked at some point because the suppliers of these devices have gone crazy. This also works otherwise.

Atlas Estates has also downloaded the selected projects on the its web pages, presenting the investment and arrangement potential of the offered apartments. Of course now our offer may be wide but the question is: There is always such a situation when someone outbids, then this person is lacking in a moment and must undertake corrective actions.

The Czajkowski XLF fronts have cuts on the joining of framework, gently rounded edges and meandrical wood structure, underlined with bright colouring. Wood, the material we use for our products, is associated with traditional, stylish front panels, and such models were most frequently ordered by our clients. The vertical milling marked in the panel refer to the traditional designs of furniturein which the clear divisions between the planks were clearly visible.

If we are proud of our quality then we must control the technological process very restrictively.

Dziennik Nowogardzki 1

Why Nowogarzdki do not want to get there and see e. Its functionality is increased by a grip that is made with a specifically profiled panel with the upper frame. It supplies furniture factories, kitchen studios, craftsmen The company’s founder, Mieczyslaw Gajdel, comes from a family with strong entrepreneurial traditions. During all these auctions in State Forests you buy everything. The classic fronts are dedicated to the great composers of classical music.


However, if you do not want to resign with this stylewe recommend clear frontssuch as rubbing white, cream or beige.

What about the Eastern market? We work on long-term contracts with suppliers so we confirm the quantities and the prices for longer terms for our clients. The company is also planning to develop the production of decorative elements and single pieces of furniture.

The products presented annually at the international furniture fair conquer with the foreign markets too. For some reason the town did not want to sell them to us. The nature of the rustic kitchen is heavy, solid wood, such as oak or beech, is often used to its production. So we made one step further and we put some of our models, which are strictly for kitchens, dizennik room arrangements.

Up to the year our offer was dominated with classical designs. The Bizet fronts have cuts on the joining of framework, small, delicate cutters on the edges and expressive wood grain structure on the panel. Someone else, apparently more requested for the economy and the community of Nowogard, bought them.

Everyone wants to control the margin chain, wants to just eliminate middlemen. We are nkwogardzki as a high quality supplier by clients from the Eastern market.