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The highest species richness and alpha diversity were recorded in the preserved area, whereas the disturbed area exhibited half the diversity found in the preserved area. Measuring vertebrate use of terrestrial habitats and foods.

Animal Biodiversity and Conservation issue 37.1 (2014)

Ubicacin geogrfica y tipos de vegetacin en el entorno de la zona de estudio en el istmo de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mxico. Tesis de Licenciatura, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Here, the fraction of the study area used for these purposes was visually estimated. Politcnico Nacional, Oaxaca, Mxico. ResumenLa composicin planctnica y los parmetros ambientales en el hbitat del barbo caverncola iran Iranocypris typhlops. List of species of medium and large mammals recorded in La Venta, Juchitan, following the taxonomic arrangement proposed by Ramirez et al.

We showed that grazing activity and behavior by S. Tayassuidae Pecari tajacu Sr 3 0. Spilogale gracilis was recorded only in the disturbed area. A habitat and diet overlap study could improve our knowledge of their effects of such measures on the species, and help develop appropriate management strategies.

The high abundance of U.

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Rotifera had the highest number of genera 4 and species 4followed by Arthropoda 3Ochrophyta 3Myzozoa 2Charophyta 2Chlorophyta 2Ciliophora 1 and Cryptophyta 1. The number of these per meter along the transect was recorded. Human trails density Tran It was measured as Ltra, but recording trails used by people to travel. We measured various environmental parameters and related these to plankton distribution.

Nmero de registros de especies de mamferos de talla mediana y grande registrados en La Venta, Juchitn. This procedure was repeated on a spot with no evidence of trampling.


Animal Biodiversity and Conservation issue () – [PDF Document]

For this campaign we obtained 2 models with a AICc 0. Combining various techniques also reduces the influence of environmental and methodo-logical factors, providing a more reliable estimate of diversity and abundance in a particular study site Botello et al. Using this model we estimated a genet density of 0. Ecokocacin pdf to mobi settings Mephitidae Conepatus leuconotus F, P 1 humna. The distribution of each parameter over the seasons can be analyzed by the positions of the seasons with respect to the environmental factors.

Lista de las especies de mamferos de talla mediana y grande registradas en La Venta, Juchitn, siguiendo la taxonoma propuesta por Ramrez et al.

Cameras were checked monthly. Las comparaciones de Tukey se realizaron entre los perodos de muestreo para cada profundidad y entre las profundidades para cada perodo de muestreo. Variable Acronym DescriptionLivestock density Goat droppings frequency Goat Computed from presence of goat dung in ten randomly chosen 1 m squares along the transect; frequency was defined as the fraction of squares with positive records.

The fraction of transects contiguous to a core was used as a metric. Diversidad de mamfe-ros en cafetales y selva mediana de las caadas de la selva Lacandona, Chiapas, Mxico. Variable Acronym Description6 CortsMarcial et al.

In this area we also found spe-cies such as Puma concolor, Leopardus pardalis and Pecari tajacu, which can be considered indicators of wellpreserved environments CruzLara et al.

The cave is located at 33 04′ 39” N and 48 35′ 33” E fig. Iranian cave barb, Endemic, Habitat, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton. Each trapping campaign corresponded to 7day sampling occasions to generate a sufficient number of captures, thereby maximizing the number of sampling occasions without violating population closure assumptions.


The plankton assemblage included 13 genera and five species.

Our study focuses on grazing by S. Situacin actual del venado cola blanca en la zona centro del estado de Veracruz, Mxico. They found that herbivory by juvenile S.

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For the abbreviations of record types, Rec, see table 3. Conservatism of ecological niches in evolu-Conservatism of ecological niches in evolu-tionary time.

Impactos de las carreteras sobre la fauna silvestre y sus principales medidas de manejo. Boletn Tcnico 9, Serie Zoolgica, 6: In this study we outline a oneyear study of the plankton community in the hmuana, in order to analyse species composition and seasonal dynamic of the plankton community, and to assess their dependence on environmental parameters. The relative abundance of Dasypus novemcinctus was lower than that reported by Navarro in secondary forest and oak forest, as this author reported densities of 0.

Habitat degradation and human activities seem to affect the diversity of mammal species in the region. The baseline encounter rate 0estimated at 0. These functional roles may change the structure and composition of the ecosystem. Revista rvore, 30 4: Totally modified surfaces Toms Land may be so severely modified that measuring most of the previous metrics makes no sense, as it can happen on a paved road, a house, or on artificial water edolocacin.