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Supersedes CLC/TR English version. Railway applications –. The specification and demonstration of. Reliability, Availability. BS PD CLC/TR Railway applications – The specification and demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) – Part 3. Buy CLC/TR Railway Applications – The Specification And Demonstration Of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability And Safety (rams) – Part 3.

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Since configuration control applies to all project phases see EN Figure 9, Note 1when the project progresses through Phase 10 to Phases 11 and beyond, a suitable Configuration Management System should also be established by the Customer.

This example may be different to the organisation of the parties involved. The first situation is commonly referred to as “In-Service Maintenance” and the second one as “Out-ofService Maintenance”.

The completion of a suitable model is outside the scope of 501226-3 guide but the above information is useful to give an overview and to better introduce the RAM parameters for inclusion into an LCC model.

Dynabrade Product – 3″ (76 mm) Dia. Disc Pad, Hook ‘N Loop

Deliverables of the preliminary RAM-related activities constitute the necessary background for defining the overall RAM Requirements Specification in terms of: The RAM documentation should be reviewed at this milestone to ensure that RAM activities are in step with design progress, RAM Requirements are being properly achieved and to examine any problems arising.

Identifying, as part of the RAM analysis process preliminary and detailed analysiscritical scenarios i. Follow up of critical items! In this case, the formula is: According to the above mentioned definitions and conditions of failures, the Custom er should state: These characteristics define the conditions under which the rolling stock is required to accomplish its mission and constitute the reference conditions for: Table 12 — Maintenance Cost Requirements Dimension Definition Proposed Symbol Training of maintenance personnel Money T mp Travel costs sustained for reaching the maintenance sites Money T cm Spare parts acquisition, provision and storage Money SPa-p-s Preventive scheduled maintenance actions including cost for spare parts, for software and for personnel employed Money PMc Corrective maintenance actions including cost for spare parts, for software and for personnel employed Money CMc Other Maintenance Cost Requirements can be the cost of Preventive or Corrective Maintenance or the sum of the two where the Customer can use the cost per Kilometre or per Kilometres or other significant basis i.


The specification and demonstration of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety RAMS. The target for the depot is to minimise standstill time for the Rolling Stock in order to release it, ready for service, following completion of maintenance within the lowest possible time. Software for railway control and protection systems. Option to visualize changes at a glance. Availability formula is generally indicated by the following: Identification data has should be collected to enable traceability for further investigations, such as: IEC Generic safety standard.

In particular as regards passenger vehicles and environments, textile coverings that can be cleaned efficiently should be used.

Your basket is empty. The Main Supplier is responsible for providing visibility of the configuration management process through documented activities and periodic reviews. The identification process is carried out to gain assurance that the rolling stock is correctly analysed and all the factors influencing its RAM performance have been identified.

PD CLC/TR 50126-3:2008

Carpeting and wall-to-wall textile flooring should be designed for easy replacement for cleaning off the rolling stock by providing appropriate breaks especially in the environments subject to heavy traffic corridors, vestibules, etc. Specific requirements for composite insulators used for overhead contact line systems.

Considering the above situations and as the main purpose of the analyses is to meet RAM Requirements, there are 2 possibilities for carrying out Preventive Maintenance: Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. It is therefore advisable, to identify all the entities that can be a part of this relationship and to examine how the responsibilities of dealing with these entities are shared between the customer and supplier relationship.

Terms and Conditions Terms of subscription Online watch. Compliance with a Published Document does not of itself confer immunity from legal obligations. It should be noted that the Main Supplier is responsible for establishing the content of the RAM Programme, for the RAM Programme Plan and for submitting these documents to the Customer for acceptance within the timescale agreed by the parties, in accordance with System Quality Plan.

For the purpose of guidance on contractual relations, the entities are divided into 2 main categories, i.

Build your compilation Add to a compilation Add to a compilation create a compilation without subscription wuthout subscription with subscription Build a watch list Add to the watch list. We need your help! The Reliability Targets are applicable to the total rolling stock and all its subsystems, assemblies and parts according to the boundary limits defined.


Identification number of dra wing or diagram containing the identif ication references of the LRUs under consideration code and description. In order to simplify the common understanding, a three level breakdown structure has been considered in these examples and the third level is the LRU level.

It must be possible to remove any piece of equipment if needed for recovery from failure or for scheduled maintenance, without having to operate on other pieces of equipment not directly involved with the specific maintenance action. Hazards are enn repeated in the list, under different categories, to highlight and draw attention to them.

Estimation of these costs is typically a commercial or marketing matter and then the derivation of 550126-3 related to unavailability could not have any relationship with the elements contained in 5.

Items contained in each of these are listed below: Consequently, the analyses from the previous phase should be updated and detailed considerations given to the RAM.

Safety related electronic systems for signalling BS EN Legal notices Photo credits FAQ.

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The connections existing between the unit and the structure and between the unit and wn interconnected units should be accessible, able to be disconnected and reconnected and not subject to corrosion or rust in relation to the environment in which they are located.

Examples of Breakdown Structure are given in Annex A. Every piece of equipment, device and item of furnishing subject to dismantling for replacement, repair or programmed maintenance should not exceed the weight supportable by a wn person fn should be capable of being manually handled by a single person. As a general rule, in the visible environments, all efforts should be made to avoid sharp corners, indentations, complicated relief patterns or hollows where dirt could accumulate or that could be difficult to clean.

Specification for symbols for circuit diagrams. The resultant deliverables of the preliminary RAM-related activities are: January Number of pages: Software for railway control and protection systems.

This breakdown is sometimes called the logistic breakdown structure. Main Supplier responsibility, or alternatively is classified as “nonchargeable”. Search all products by. Systems approach to safety, EN – 3: The application of EN -1, EN. 501263