DSPP2. 1 High Speed ARM9 System- on-Chip Processor with. MaverickCrunch. EP Data Sheet. FEATURES. CIRRUS LOGIC – EPCQZ – IC, 32BIT MCU, ARM9, MHZ, LQFP Electronic Components: : Industrial & Scientific. Cirrus Logic EPCQZ: available from 11 distributors. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs.

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Then by using a terminal program on a computer to read the serial line, the following can be seen whilst booting the hub, from here eo9302 have further managed to hack the Hive hub:.

The PCB is mounted in the top half of the casing. In a future post, I intend to look further into this and attempt to connect to my Nano hub and explore its available commands and options.

Just a quick note to let you know that AlertMe are shutting down their servers for the original system on Tuesday, 31st October The 1st generation Hive hub Nano v1 is simple in design but yet packs a plethora of features into its surprisingly small package. No screws, just 2 plastic clips left and right. A two-port USB 2.

EPCQZ datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The ARMT core operates from a 1. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Unused Square Pin Pin 2: Just the very basic functionality would still be great. Andy 1 October Reply. RX Yellow Pin 3: Enhance your users’ audio experience through Cirrus Logic’s hardware and software solutions: Hive Nano v2 Hub Teardow GND Black The port runs at baud.


Do you have any hardware recommendations? Hi Andy, It is good news they are providing you upgrade to Hive! The following are a few rp9302 of the inside the cqx. TX Orange Pin 4: Software and Tools Software and Design Resources available by request.

Interfaces and Sample Rate Converters. Block Diagram View Full Image. The EP ep9320 a high-performance system-on-chip design that includes a MHz ARM9 processor and is ideal for a range of industrial and consumer electronic applications. Notify me of new posts by email.

On the old AlertMe forum a group of people have managed to connect to the command line of the AlertMe hub by connecting a serial cable to the 4 pin connector found on the circuit board pictured above. Again, the inside of the hub appears fairly simple in design with a single PCB. The 16 KB instruction cache and 16 KB data cache provide zero-cycle latency to the current program and data, or they can be locked to guarantee no-latency access to critical instructions and data.

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The ARMT’s bit microcontroller architecture, with a five-stage pipeline, delivers impressive performance at very low power. Cirrus Logic’s embedded processor products are complemented by a range of complete operating systems. The Hive Nano V1 Hub. For applications with instruction-memory size restrictions, the ARMT’s compressed Thumb instruction set provides space efficiency and maximum external instruction memory usage.


Opening up the Hive V1 Hub. By enabling or disabling the EP’s peripheral interfaces, designers can also reduce development costs and accelerate time to market by creating a single platform that can be modified to deliver differentiated end-products.

So, really all I need to get basic control and logging of the devices from the original kit is a decent little XBee platform? The only AlertMe device they do allow this with is the SmartPlug.

Hive Nano v1 Hub Teardow The following are a few photos of the inside the hub: All very interesting stuff! Designers of industrial controls, internet radios, digital media servers, audio jukeboxes, thin clients, set-top boxes, point-of-sale terminals, biometric security systems and GPS devices will benefit from the EP’s integrated architecture and advanced features.

No Comments Mar 20, Audio Clock Generation and Jitter Reduction. No Comments May 21, Andy 2 October Reply.

Sample Request

Voice, Record, Control, and Playback. This coprocessor greatly accelerates the ARMT’s single- and double-precision integer and floating-point processing capabilities, enabling the EP cqs perform high-speed mathematical calculations when encoding digital audio and video formats, processing industrial-control algorithms and performing other math-intensive computing and data-processing functions.

Solutions Voice Playback Record Control. James Saunders 2 October Reply.