PDF | The preliminary phytochemical analysis of Ephedra alata indicated the presence of cardiac glycosides, reducing sugars, flavonoids. Descriptions and articles about the Ephedra, scientifically known as Ephedra alata in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Distribution; Ecology; Hab. Two new flavonol glucosides have been identified in Ephedra alata, namely, herbacetin 8-methyl ether 3-O- glucosideO-rutinoside and herbacetin.

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Ephedra alata () description – The Gymnosperm Database

Ephedra alata Conservation status. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Enumeration of Seedborne Fungi From each seed sample, seeds were surface-disin- fected in Na-hypochlorite for two minutes followed washing with several changes of sterile saline water 8.

Ephedra alat grows widely in Palestine. It is found primarily in dry desert environments. Statistical Analysis For each experiment, the data were statistically analyzed using the analysis of variance procedure for completely randomized design.

Each seed sample gm was grounded in a blender. Antibacterial and antioxidant activities of ethanol extracts from Tran Himalayan medicinal plants.

It has been a natural source of alkaloids such as ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and other related compounds Parsaeimehr et al. Such inhibition agrees with the findings of Paramawati et al. Acknowledgment We acknowledge Dr. Shoot height cm of germinating seeds of E. The male, staminate cones are oval, mm long, organized in dense clusters, with stipitate microsporangia.


International journal of Food MicrobiologyVol. Statistical Analysis Three samples of Ephedra plant were independently analyzed and all of the determinations were carried out in triplicate. The genes Aspergillus was the most.

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Ephedra alenda Stapf Andr. Eberhardt MV, Lee C. This shrub has rigid and branched stems.

Test tubes were incubated at ambient temperature for 5 minutes, and then 2 mL of 1 M sodium hydroxide were added to the mixture. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research. Freshly prepared FRAP reagent 3. Support Center Support Center. Similarly, sur- face-disinfected seeds were incubated on sterile moist filter paper with cellulose wadding as blotters and incu- bated as above. Published online Jan Cotton cloth bags 7. The percentage inhibition of DPPH of the test sample and known solutions of Trolox were calculated by the following formula:.

The retention of superior SMC recorded here. Similarly, in our study both polyethylene bags and tin cans caused no any significant alteration in SMC compared with the initial SMChowever cloth and paper bags caused significant decrement in SMC Table 3. Use of free radical method to evaluate antioxidant activity. These plants are also used for consumption by animals such as camelidae, bovines and caprines. The decrease in vigor index was significant with polyethylene storage container followed by tin cans, papers bags and cloth bags respectively Table 4 d.


Alamarneh1 Raneen A. These types of compounds are very close to isomeric flavonoid glycosides.

Ephedra alata – Nucleotide Result

There was a strong relationship between both storage periods and type of seed storage containers with seed health expressed as root depth, shoot height, percentage germination Tables 4 a-d.

This can be attributed to the polarity of the extraction solvent and the ephedrw, where flavonoids need less polar solvent or higher amount of ethanol e. After 30 min, the absorbance was recorded at nm against the reagent blank. Traditional Complementary and Alternative Ehedra.

List of Abbreviations and nomenclature: