The Extron DVS is a high performance video scaler that includes three HDMI inputs, two universal analog video inputs, and simultaneous HDMI and analog. Find great deals for Extron DVS a Digital Video Scaler W/ Audio Switching Dvsa Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Extron DVS Digital Video Scaler – Power Tested. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Furniture Mounting If the DVS is to be rack mounted, it is important to mount it before cabling it. Didn’t know the list was THAT high. Create Professional Quality Presentations with Seamless Switching and Picture-in-Picture The advanced video processing in the DVS enables high quality, professional presentations with true seamless switching between Inputs 1 to 4 with selectable cut or dissolve transitions.

This allows the projector or flat-panel display to automatically enter into standby mode to save energy and enhance lamp or panel life. Can you guys start hyping up a diff version so newcomers will get in bid wars over ones besides the ‘s.

DJ JT Stevens 5: Nah, it was such a low price I had to bid and ended up winning it. Looking forward to trying this thing out.

Page 78 The window closes after restoring, and a confirmation pop-up is shown briefly to indicate the process is complete. The vds turns red along Sync Mute with the button Video Mute To unmute any signal, click the appropriate button. An HD mixer priced cheaper than a small car would be a big deal for what I’m working on, but I don’t know if this quite gets there.


Extron DVS D – *2 HDCP-Compliant Scaler with Seamless Switching and 3G-SDI Output

I keep checking eBay but nothing, might have to call Extron. Remote configuration and control are available via RS, Ethernet, and USB, plus contact closure to control input switching. Click the desired radio button of the three reset options Click. So the StarTech can handle a high resolution picture.

Looks like the A is longer and thinner and has inputs for audio switching. Page 79 Update Firmware Update progress of the firmware upload to the device. A new device tab opens.

To connect to a device, select the desired device and click the button. This is the one I bought. Remote configuration and control are available via USB, RS, and Ethernet, plus contact closure to control input switching.

EXTRON Extron DVS 605 D

Any input audio signal can be embedded onto the HDMI output. Seems like a lot of the people selling Extron stuff don’t know the real value since they’re usually wholesaling it.

Gain and attenuation can be adjusted for each input, and the DVS provides master volume control. One lever I could pull is splitting the cost with the 2 other DJs who do video as well as with the club.

Funny enough the reviews are all very highly rated and the very first one is from a Serato Video DJ. Password Information Error Responses When the DVS receives extroh valid command, it executes the command and sends a response extroh the host device.

On-screen input labels — An on-screen text label may be assigned to each input, and to each incoming signal for the universal video inputs. I will connect it to my blu ray when I get home from Extro. Now for some PIP This is normal operation of the scaler.


The DVS also features a flexible PIP picture-in-picture mode that allows any two video sources connected to Inputs 1 to 4 to be shown on one display. I can’t imagine these things cost too much too make. DVS models with audio switching also feature HDMI audio embedding and de-embedding, plus gain and attenuation adjustments for each analog input.

To enhance and simplify integration of sources and displays, the DVS Series features two exclusive Extron technologies: True seamless switching — Seamless cut and dissolve transition effects are available for Inputs 1 to 4 to enhance and deliver professional quality presentations.

DJ JT Stevens 1: Extroon test patterns for calibration and setup — The DVS offers 14 test patterns, including a crop pattern, crosshatch, 16 bar grayscale, color bars, alternating pixels, ramp, white field, 4 x 4 crosshatch, and four aspect ratio patterns — 1. Loaded a few visuals and here is a 20 second peek are the results.

The main and PIP windows can be exgron sized, positioned, and magnified. Alternatively, double click the desired device name to connect and open to the configuration page. Auto-switching between inputs streamlines system operation as well as integration with presentation switchers or matrix switchers.

Input presets are unique to the signal that was applied when the preset was initially saved.