The One-Straw Revolution is copyrighted and in print. You can find it here on Amazon or here from New York · Review of Books. You may also be interested in . 41 quotes from The One-Straw Revolution: ‘I do not particularly like the word ‘ work.’ Human beings are the only animals who have to work, and I think tha. The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming (New York Review Books Classics) [Masanobu Fukuoka, Larry Korn, Wendell Berry, Frances.

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Pages with related products. Since the publication of The One-Straw Revolution in October,interest in natural farming has spread rapidly among the Japanese people.

Although this way of farming disavows modern science, it now has come to stand in the forefront of modern agricultural development. Customers who bought fukupka item also bought.

It is the same with the scientist. Inthd travelled to Europe for 50 days holding workshops, educating farmers and sowing seeds. Many other essential dramas of nature are affected. Online review version Retrieved 25 March I probably know more about what can go wrong growing agricultural crops than anyone else in Japan.

But there is usually a core group of four or five who have been there for a year or so. During those years I was heading in a straight line toward a “do-nothing” agricultural method.

Retrieved 29 December But if the trees are gradually corrected, they will return at least approximately to their natural form. Desert sand or lush green landscapes nature embraces everything in it.

The phenomenon of these great swarms of spiders, which appear in the rice fields in the autumn and like escape artists vanish overnight, is still not understood.


At other times he talks about the life cycle of a weed or disease fungus in the orchard, and occasionally he pauses to recall and reflect upon his farming experiences. Cultivation of the soil should be discontinued. This book has been translated into more than 25 languages and has helped make Mr.

When the war ended I felt a fresh breeze of freedom, and with a sigh of relief I returned to my home village to take up farming anew. This enabled the Japanese farmer to produce approximately the same yields as the traditional method, but the farmer’s time and labor were reduced by more than half. Fukuoka makes many references to rice-growing in The One-Straw Revolution, it may be helpful to say a few words about traditional Japanese agriculture. It is then hand-weeded, and often mulched.

It is possible, and Mr. If we spoil the nature we will die, nature will never get spoiled.

The farmer who moves toward compromise can no longer criticize science at the fundamental level. They are so thick on the field that there is hardly any space between them.

The population shifted as farmers migrated from the countryside into the growing industrial centers. Modern research divides nature into tiny pieces and conducts tests that conform neither with natural law nor with practical experiences. In the area of Shikoku where Mr. Besides rice and rye in the traditional fuiuoka, we also grew fu,uoka, buckwheat, potatoes, corn, and soybeans by Mr.

By means of natural farming, soils already damaged by careless agricultural practices or by chemicals can be effectively rehabilitated.

Masanobu Fukuoka

The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings. You could say I was finally coming to myself again. When growing according to the natural form, branches spread alternately from the trunk and the leaves receive sunlight uniformly. For example, an expert in insect damage prevention from the Kochi Prefectural Testing Center came to inquire why there were so few rice leaf-hoppers in my fields even though I had not used insecticide.


The fertility of nature, as it is, is beyond reach of the imagination. The small beds were tidied up as if they were the family altars.

In August I let in water a little at a time but never allow it to stand. But in the five or six years since the professor from the research station came to visit here, there have been few changes in Kochi Prefecture.

We have been born and are living on the earth to face directly the reality of living. When you get right down to it, there are few agricultural practices that are really necessary. This is modern agriculture and it only results in making the farmer busier.

Full text of “The-One-Straw-Revolution”

The soil has been burned clean of organic matter and microorganisms by chemical fertilizers. The weeds have all been wiped out by herbicides and cultivation. In contact with nature morning and night, they sometimes come to think that they know nature. Alternative Agriculture in Thailand and Japan. Woodlands remain along with orchards, including some areas of wild vegetables still growing amongst them. Fukuoka insists that the best disease and insect control is to grow crops in a healthy environment.

It was in the 1 3th year of the present emperor’s reign, It is the same with fields of grain.