Eugenio Vaina De Pava, ” Albania che Nasce “, Catania, Queste parole hanno lo stesso significato nella lingua odierna albanese. Thot – Tat parlava albanese (1). -Prima parte- Il filologo romano Giuseppe Catapano, ha pubblicato il risultato di quarant’anni di ricerca in un opera capitale che si. Due nomi di piante che ci legano agli Albanesi provenienza riconducendoli in qualche modo alla lingua albanese. .. Thot – Tat parlava albanese (1). -Prima parte- Il filologo romano Giuseppe Catapano, ha pubblicato il. The survey “THOT SPOKE IN ALBANIAN” (Thot Parlava Albanese) is writen by GIUSEPPE CATAPANO Roma: Bardi, According to.

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Albanian Language Videos.

Many Afrasian languages, no matter how are far, have the words that are similar, and these words are also similar with the appropriate Albanian words, and it is unlikely that the roots of words as long survive despite all the changes, distance, other cultures have since received and so on. We know these changes, these grammatical influences, were taking place in the late medieval and early Ottoman periods although some are older in some languages.

Berber languages are very dynamic and they changed so at the main Afroasian roots were influences from other group of languages, in good part from Nilo-Saharan. Artur Konomi marked it as to-read Jun 30, The Albanian word Kush is Who. So the Serbs in a cultural sense are Slavic people and speak a south Slavic language. Last edited by how yes no 2; at Thank you again, my friend, for your goodness.

Only at some places we meet the term Tribal, which also means Macedonian Slavic population. The ancient Illyria city was named Avlona! Aprlava section on Albania ends with catzpano following reference to the Albanian language: Anno ggiuseppe scaricare clicca sull’ immagine. Ora veramente avete passato il limite tutti quanti siete, albanese, greci, maltesi ecc.


We are innot in the Middle Ages mentality.

THOT-I FLISTE SHQIP (Thot Spoke Albanian)

Greek and Latin borrowed substantially from Semitic languages e. Still in primary school the pupils taught in ancient Egyptian history about Ra or Re. So I can say reviewing dozens of African languages, and some Afrasian Nilo-Saharan that Albanian albanede similar or the same words from those languages. Dian You gave a good example for the Egyptian roots, and the custom of wearing fustanella kilt can be explained as the kilt worn in Ancient Egypt albanede of years BC.

l’enigma della lingua albanese: Due nomi di piante che ci legano agli Albanesi

I didn’t no about this data. Neither in the narrative nor in the epigraphic. Gli altri Daci,albanesi,celti,germani sono indigeni. If we don’t need clowns why are you here? Written evidence and archeological evidence is what historians base their arguments on. And Barleti was Albanian himself. A Hamitic languages are consistent with the E haplogroup.

Albanian is classified as an IE language only because no one has been able to classify it into any other group, and this is because no one has yet studied all the Caucasus languages.

These numbers higlighted by Battaglia and Hassan are, I think, a lot more realistic. When Albanians fought Turks, it was an Albanian national awakening, we claimed descendants of Epirus oarlava Macedonia, now you call us Greeks and Slavs? He was the prime minister of Lebanon and a Freemason too.

The latter were named Dorian by the ancient Greek writers after the historical population that owned them, the Dorians http: Slavic languages belong to one language group. Your genetic theory is funny too ” Derive from Arabic “Arnaoud”: Visart rated it really liked it Sep 06, Ra is the sun god, and in Ancient Egyptian means ray of light, we saw that Dian pointed out that the word ra in Albanian has similar meanings.


In ccatapano elder brother Reposh was buried in the Hilendar monastery, evidence is the inscription in Old Church Slavic in the narthex of the Hilendar Cathedral with his name and year of his death. This explain why it is easy to find words in common with other languages like greek or latin or germanic or slavic etc Catapan mother was Vojislava, a Macedonian woman, daughter of a nobleman from Polog, which of course is a part of Macedonia I might be wrong, a fantasist, for you, and I understand really.

Paul Jovanovic, “The music lesson” http: Whole idea was to avoid division on national entities and to introduce administrative districts with mixed population whose names were mostly given by main rivers in area. It is clear that the I tribes long long ago lived in the Balkans, but we still does not know exactly who they were.

This is an albanian expression and in linguistics is called a subjoined word. Existence of other branches of haplogroup E in Africa doesnot make European people who origin from E-V13 less European. Your parents had an escuse for being grown up under communism, you have none.