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Turret Indexer Assembly – SL/30 ST/15 – Troubleshooting Guide

Check the incoming air supply. Complete a simple form and your local Haas Factory Outlet dealer will contact you. Test the haa cylinder for faulty piston seal. Use a magnet and pass it over the sensors.

A failed o-ring will also allow for coolant and chip intrusion into the back side of the turret. Check the turret unclamp sensor. With the turret clamped, rotate the turret back and forth by hand. To receive the Haas Automation European email newsletter, click here.


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2001 Haas Sl-10 CNC Lathe

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With the turret clamped test the air cylinder for faulty piston seal.

X axis motor thrust: Turret Home Switch A wiper [4] is on the top, and a wiper is on each side [4]. In this case the turret should be removed to clear the chips and inspected for possible damage.

Do Not unplug the cable. Wl10 the turret clamp sensor. Using M43, Unclamp the turret. If the cables are not damaged then the sensor will need to be replaced.

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Trader Machinery

Local distributors dedicated to the sales, service, and support of Haas products by factory-trained personnel. Haas Automation is dedicated to constant improvement.


For SL and HL machines, remove the covers as follows: Select by Model Type Chucker Lathe. Use the screwdriver or your thumb to turn the coupling to get access to the coupling screw [1]. Index time one tool: Swing Diameter Over Front Apron This aligns the electronic zero channel with the mechanical home switch position and clamps the turret.

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Measure the voltage to the clamp and unclamp solenoid. Manually turn the coupling to the left and to the right to feel the distance of the free movement. Standard toolholder kit hqas with BOT or Hybrid turret. TC Turret Housing Axis rotating slowly, hesitating to rotate. Turret Die Springs 7.

Select by Model Type Indexers.