tions générales / condizioni generali di contratto) and the house rules ( Hausordnung / Règlement d’immeuble / regolamento della casa). These conditions are. If the contract refers to the house rules [Hausordnung] then these rules . zum Mietvertrag fUr Wohnraume”, Ausgabe (HEV, SVIT, VZI). Hauseigentümerverband Hev Heizgradtage Hev Heizölpreise Hev Hausordnung Hev Hypothekenzins Hev Heizöl Hev Hev Formulare Hev.

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This user would like to thank ivank for this useful post: Anyone flouting the rule risks eviction. Inbound sales representative, German speaking.

Posting Rules You may not post new threads. As this isn’t a part of the contract, it’s not a valid reason to reject Nachmieter if he doesn’t agree to it. If the contract refers to the house rules [Hausordnung] then these rules become part of the contract as well. Why not borrow a litter of kittens and let them roam freely around the complex? Sign up for our free This week in Switzerland newsletter.

Perhaps the nachmieter just got cold feet?

The latest Windows 10 Pro October update. Landlord has deterred Nachmieter I agree this is the case, but are they allowed to nausordnung a new condition like that which is not imposed on others?

Sometimes, where hausordnjng ban on cats and dogs is in place, it is possible to persuade landlords to show leniency. This means that landlords can interpret the law as they see fit. Finding a place to rent in Switzerland is hard enough.


We are looking for an Economics Teacher. Official recognition for Jura-based French dialect. Have you spoken to the agency and tried to find out informally if there was a problem? However the agency then informed me last week they wanted to check the number of pets the family has is OK with the owners they have two dogs and three cats. Civilian on Battlefield COB. Samweiser Newbie 1st class. Just to add to the above, there is nothing written in the contract about pets at all, let alone this rule about cats remaining housebound.

Its president, Anita Thanei, told the Blick newspaper this was a landmark decision, and should prompt a legal rethink in Switzerland. I have to agree with ivank.

Swiss ban on toilet flushing ‘an urban myth’

I agree this is the case, but are they allowed to impose a new condition like that which is not imposed on others? Englishwoman Gillian Zbinden found her dream apartment in Thun after two years of hunting.

Apple Product Verification – Nordic. Hausprdnung pets need approval then landlord may deny them no reason given.

If nothing like that is there, then I don’t think they have a right to reject without having to bear the consequences. Contact us Our journalists. Small caged animals and birds can be kept without express permission. From our sponsors Why is a great year to live abroad Around 50 million people live outside their native countries, enticed by the many benefits of expatriation. Make sure to have written details confirming the willingness of your chosen nachmieter to move in etc. The view of the Mieterverband: Swiss ban on toilet flushing ‘an urban myth’ Morven McLean.


Here’s what annoys people about their neighbours in Switzerland. This provision is frequently included in the house rules fixed by the landlord, the association says. Customer Support Advisor – German Speaking. UK project leader for sports betting and sports web sites.

Customer support – French speaking. Other than feral felines, the agency doesn’t obviously stand to gain anything by being a pain in your backside. Terms of use Privacy policy Manage consent.

Landlord has deterred Nachmieter – English Forum Switzerland

I’ve just been through the contract again and do not see any reference to Hausordnung but I do see the following, can anyone help me with this section: Advertise with us Post a job ad. And then there are rules that govern the use of the communal laundry room and taking a bath hausordnungg shower at night.

As the owner of an apartment in Bern, which she rents out, Zbinden sees both sides.