Ray Bradbury: Here There Be Tygers. Bradbury’s science-fiction story of an idyllic planet touches on how humans have wasted earth’s natural resources. Here There Be Tygers has 40 ratings and 1 review. Prospectors from Earth travel to a world that seems to know of their hearts’ desires, and makes their e. Today I read the short story “Here There Be Tygers,” by Ray Bradbury. Set many years in the future, the story describes a group of astronauts.

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Here There Be Tygers: Bradbury Thirteen: Episode 5

An earth spaceship looking suspiciously like a US space shuttle is approaching an unexplored planet. The rest of the crew is there to operate the ship.

Driscoll, an archaeologist, makes the absurd statement that all planets from 10 miles up look pretty much the same. What percentage of planets have life on them to justify an archeologist being one of a six person crew, anyway?

Here There Be Tygers (1968 short story)

They seem to land like the shuttle despite the presence of trees and rolling hills. In fact, the planet really looks like a golf course. One of the crew even makes the same observation. Driscoll starts talking about wishing to fly when he was a kid, and suddenly he is airborne, swooping around like a kite. This miracle does not impress Chatterton who wants to get along with his work. He continues being a jerk, so Driscoll wishes him into the air for the same experience.


Further exploring, after someone mentions a bottle of bravbury, they discover he stream in which wine is flowing. Driscoll wishes for fish to go with it and a few yards away there is a hot spring which has cooked a fish for him.

So it is clear this planet is, or has, a sentience that is making wishes come true — an idea it seems like every iteration of Star Trek has run with. Chatterton wanders away from the group and gets his giant drill from the ship. The others leave their wine, fish and grapes and find him starting to burrow into the ground with a giant spiraled drill.

The drill even makes a thrusting motion just in case we miss the rape metaphor. Then lightning strikes the drill. Chatterton runs off saying he is going to destroy the planet. But he is eaten by an unseen i. Driscoll stays behind and watches the ship take off.

From their perspective, the planet is a hellish place of exploding volcanoes and flowing lava. To Driscoll, it still looks like Bushwood Country Club. The planet is putting on a brsdbury so it will be categorized as hostile and never revisited. Driscoll looks into the stream and sees the reflection of a beautiful blonde. The first of several, I imagine.


Book Review ~~ Here There Be Tygers ~~ | phoenixbookreview

This is the first episode where I noticed Americans played by New Zelanders, I assume, trying to speak with an America accent. It is fine, sxcept for the female whose real accent comes out occasionally.

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