HP Smart Array Bi SATA RAID-Controller manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration. HP Smart Array Bi SATA RAID Controller User Guide Part Number For more information on installing hard drives, see the server user guide. 1 BERWICK AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT INFORMATION Website: www: BERWICK AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT INFORMATION Web site: ksd. o rg.

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Remotely through a Telnet More information.

Remove the original drive that was being replaced, and then reinsert the replacement physical drive. Installing a license key with ACU To install a license key: The utility also provides support for the following functions: Deal with bandwidth spikes Conttroller Download. Fifth Contents More information. Therefore, each logical drive can be affected differently. The b1110i key is stored on the hard drive.

Return to the previous screen by pressing the Escape key. Power up the server.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) BI 사용자 설명서 – 페이지 1 중27 |

Confirm that the array has no failed or missing drives. The information contained herein is subject to change.

Power down the system immediately to prevent data loss. Finally, the installation procedure asks if you wish you load any more driver disks. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.


Document Outline

This number depends on the controller model and on the controller firmware version. The rebuild process restarts automatically. Upgrade Options Cache Upgrade. Power down the server, if necessary. From the System Support Software menu, select the current operating system. If you do not use the utility, ORCA will default to the standard configuration.

HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Controller User Guide

If no hard drives are installed, the license key cannot be installed. Remotely through a Telnet.

The full size card has 8 ports conhroller utilizes DDR memory. To install contgoller driver from the Easy Set-up CD: Installing the Smart Array driver—Linux For manual installation of Microsoft Windows Serverthe driver must be added using the virtual install disk or the F6 option at the beginning of the installation process.

If no hard drives are installed, then this Diagnosing array problems Diagnostic tools To troubleshoot array problems and generate feedback about arrays, use the following diagnostic tools: Back up any unsaved data.

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Select Download drivers and software. Microsoft and Windows are U. Supports assignment of online spares. For example, fault tolerance might occur when a drive in an array fails while another drive in the array usef being rebuilt. You might be able to enable gude recently failed drive temporarily by cycling the server power. Replace any failed drives.


Select Manage License Keys. Chapter 1 Overview This chapter explains an overview. Replacing, moving, or adding hard drives Writing data to the location of the unreadable sector often eliminates the error. To install the driver, run the Smart Array Controller package. When all the conditions have been met, move the drives: If no hard drives are installed, then this option does not appear. Power down the system immediately to prevent data loss.

Therefore, the capacity is unavailable for data storage. Replacing hard drives If you are replacing a drive in a fault-tolerant configuration while the system is powered down, a Remains available any time that the server is on. Select Boot Controller Order.

To prevent electrostatic damage: