The Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) is a lightweight HTTP-like protocol specified in RFC which is used to extend transparent proxy servers . ICAP Errata: collection of RFC bugs. ICAP Partial Content Extension (html version) (Note to implementers: Please provide additional feedback to this. The ICAP server has a service running in Request Modification Mode (see section running in Response Modification Mode (see section of RFC ).

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For a detailed explanation on the advanced service features, check the online help. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat ICAP version is not supported by server.

ICAP-Forum – Glossary

Here’s the exact definition: If this number is lower than the number configured in this field, it creates a new child process. Internet protocols Application layer protocols. ICAP Server needs encapsulated sections different from those in the request.

In Generaldo not select a protocol. Beta Translate with Select a desired language below to translate this page. Articles lacking in-text citations from October All articles lacking in-text citations Pages using RFC magic links. End a child process if the number of available threads is more than [x] – This option allows dynamic reduction of the number of threads as needed.

The ICAP server counts the total number of available idle threads.


The surrogate sends the request to the ICAP server. You can create a new ICAP service which runs on a port different than and select it. ICAP server is supported only on R The remote host can allow, block, or modify the content. ICAP sends an error to the Client. ICAP Service not found. The ICAP server can then send back a modified version of the request. File is Infected and non cleanable.

Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) Support

The maximum allowed number of server processes is configured on the gateway. My icap implementation uses python socketServer based on ThreadingMixIn class to handle rrc incoming connection. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the cluster User Interface under file system, anti-virus, detected threats, the file is listed as quarantined and the results are for the manual policy run and another result for the scan on open.

The Threat Emulation checks the file: Sends back an HTTP response to the request. Off-loading value-added services from web servers to ICAP servers allows those same web servers to be scaled according to raw HTTP throughput versus having iacp handle these extra tasks.

Include formatting HTML for display on special devices, human language translation, virus checking, and so forth. For example, ‘ you sent a request to view a page you are not allowed to see ‘.

Start a new child process if the number of available threads is less than [x] – This option allows dynamic growth and lets you configure the number of new threads as needed. The server executes its transformation service on messages and sends back responses to the client, usually with modified messages.


ICAP-Forum – ICAP Specification

Sign up using Facebook. A connection must be established between the ICAP server and client. Any additional functionality, such as MD5 hash, URL reputation, and signature-based protection, is not supported.

In Match Byselect the Port you want the service to run on. The number of available threads increases or decreases as needed. Client requests for download icsp from the file server will go through the proxy, and it may decide to send the requested file to the icap server for analysis prior to forwarding them back to the client.

The ICAP server exceeded a maximum connection limit associated with this service. Is there any way to configure the squid server to recognize this error type? In the Threat Prevention default profiles basic, optimized and strictThreat Emulation is set to Background mode. Its multi-scanner and multi-filer configurations deliver parallel processing for optimal load balancing and flexible failover protection.