The International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC ) is a model code produced by the International Code Council (ICC). This document provides the foundation. SECTION (IFGC) GENERAL. Scope. This chapter shall govern the design, installation, modification and maintenance of piping systems. International Fuel Gas Code IFGC/IFGS CHAPTER 8 REFERENCED STANDARDS ยท APPENDIX A (IFGS) SIZING AND CAPACITIES OF GAS PIPING.

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International Fuel Gas Code 2012 (IFGC 2012)

Pipe sizing between point of delivery and the house line regulator. Only registered ICC members have access to this article at this time. Space and Water Heating Units. All pipe utilized for the installation, extension and alteration of any piping system shall be sized to supply the full number of outlets for the intended purpose and shall be sized in accordance with Section The marking shall not be required on pipe located in the same room as the appliance served.

The storage system for liquefied petroleum gas shall be designed and installed in accordance with the International Fire Code and NFPA Code Development Current Version: ICC instructors provide hands-on, practical problem-solving training and are available to teach on-site single or multiday courses.

Table of Contents | International Fuel Gas Code | ICC premiumACCESS

Pipe sizing tables or sizing equations in accordance with Section Utility service piping located within buildings shall be installed in accordance with the structural safety and fire protection provisions of the International Building Code.

Capacity at 2 gal. Other approved engineering methods.

Where a diversity of load can be established, pipe sizing shall be permitted to be based on such loads. Explore all the benefits that ICC Membership has to offer and become a member today to gain access to this exciting content. Water heater, automatic instantaneous.


Please enter your e-mail address below. The I-Codes, including this International Plumbing Code, are used in a variety of ways 202 both the public and private sectors. However, the impact of the codes extends well beyond the regulatory arena, as they are used in a variety of nonregulatory ifgv.

CHAPTER 4 GAS PIPING INSTALLATIONS | International Fuel Gas Code | ICC premiumACCESS

Benefits of the IFGC: Where an input rating is not indicated, the gas supplier, appliance manufacturer ifbc a qualified agency shall be contacted, or the rating from Table Most industry professionals are familiar with the I-Codes as the basis of laws and regulations in communities across the U.

Water heater, domestic, circulating or side-arm. Sign In or Register Here.

Less than 2 psi. Built-in top unit, domestic. Water heater, automatic storage, to gal. Please change your password. All piping, tubing and fittings shall comply with the applicable referenced standards, specifications and performance criteria of this code and shall be identified in accordance 202 Section Reference works related to building design and construction.

ICC IFGC (2012): International Fuel and Gas Code

Certification and credentialing of individuals involved in the fields of building design, construction and safety. Voluntary compliance programs such as those promoting ivgc, energy efficiency and disaster resistance. A new edition such as this is promulgated every 3 years. Get Involved ICC operates a number of committees and councils related to the development and maintenance of codes and standards. Water heater, automatic storage, gal. There are several that relate specifically to the IFGC.

The total connected hourly load shall be used as the basis for pipe sizing, assuming that all appliances could be operating at full capacity simultaneously. We will email you a link to reset your password. This chapter shall govern the design, installation, modification and maintenance of piping systems. This code is founded on principles intended to establish provisions consistent with the scope of a plumbing code igc adequately protects public health, safety and welfare; provisions that do not unnecessarily increase construction costs; provisions that do not restrict the use of new materials, products or methods of construction; and provisions that do not give preferential treatment to particular types or classes of materials, products or methods of construction.


Certification of building and construction-related products. Where Equations and are used to size piping or tubing, the pipe or tubing shall have smooth inside walls and the pipe length shall be determined in accordance with Section A nonprofit, public benefit corporation, ICC-ES does technical evaluations of building 22012, components, methods, and materials.

The marking shall be spaced at intervals not exceeding 5 feet mm. Your account has been marked for password reset. If inadequate, the existing system shall be enlarged as required or separate piping of adequate capacity shall be provided.

Where an additional appliance is to be served, the existing piping shall be checked to determine if it has adequate capacity for all appliance s served. Capacity at 6 gal. Piping, tubing and fittings shall either be tested by an approved third-party testing agency or certified by an approved third-party certification agency.

Total load supplied by a single house line regulator not exceeding cubic feet per hour. Gas Natural Inlet Pressure 5. Pressure drop, inch water column