An appendix of this manual discusses running IPCop from a flash disk. do this, please read the IPCop Administration Manual section entitled System->Backup. On behalf of our Project Leader, Jack Beglinger, the Documentation staff would like to welcome you to the IPCop Users Administration. IPCop v Administration Manual 1 / 77 IPCop v Administration Manual .

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The Document may include Warranty Disclaimers next to the notice which states that this License applies to the Document. Connections to port will not be redirected.

Network Status This page displays information on the network interfaces and networking within your IPCop. Note When using usb key, you can use.

Published on Apr View 1. Client-side prerequisites Most Linux admln clients already have an ident daemon identd installed by default.

IPCOP-V2.0 Administration Manual

Click on the tab labeled connections at the top of the VPN administration page. Time Server Administrative Web Page 2. If that list is too long to fit into a reasonably sized window, only the latest Logs information is displayed.

Shutdown Upcop or restart your IPCop from this web page. But this License is not limited to software manuals; it can be ipcol for any textual work, regardless of subject matter or whether it is published as a printed book.

Next, when you are asked enter your Green Interface an address which must be within your chosen address space For instance, to setup an internal modem at startup, you could do this: Duration in minutes, how long relations between each user name and the used IP address will be cached. For this and many other reasons it is a superior Linux firewall. The default value is 0 disabled. Example for user based access control lists using integrated authentication: Users will have to authenticate when accessing web sites by entering a valid username and password.


The link will be placed when the series is complete. Authentication must be a hidden process without entering username and password. You can also restore your settings from this web page. If a section in the Document is Entitled Acknowledgements, Dedications, or History, the requirement section 4 to Preserve its Title section 1 will typically require changing the actual title.

Firewall Rules Administrative Web Page 2. The IPCop founding group decided to do things differently and forked the base GPL code of an existing firewall and started out anew, looking to keep user community needs in the forefront.

It’s now called when IPCop boots, is shutdown, the network interfaces excluding Red are adin or stopped, or when the Red interface goes up or down. Local user authentication The integrated user manager can be executed from the main settings page. The identd authentication method requires an identd service or daemon running on the client.

So if your Green network will contain 15 hosts you can use Through these needs is where development gets some of improvements to IPCop, directly listening and seeing what has been done and why. For all other users, access will be allowed. Windows Authentication This authentication method is a preferred solution for small and medium network environments.

Traffic graphs not working? I use IPCop on my own networks and on dozens of clients and I am very happy with it.

The Perfect Linux Firewall Part I — IPCop

Your classroom group definitions are entered in this field. All clients will be able to manage web access, but a password will be required to save the changes. UDP is the default. These titles must be distinct from any other section titles. The default is 8 weeks 56 daysbut you can increase or decrease this period depending on your needs, and the amount of disk space available.


Optionally, you can include a Remark to describe the event. Routing Table Entries Displays the current routing table and default gateway. Dialing – Attempting to connect to the Internet. If this username already exists, the account for this username will be updated with the new group membership and password. This field is read-only. This is the most usable materials for who want to configure security for network without any cost I do appreciate your kind words.

To delete an entry click on its Trash Can icon. Single host – MAC Address Client side password management Users may change their passwords if needed. The first of those needs was a need for secure protection of our personal and commercial networks. IPCop is able to send you emails in specific situations or events, for example if a monitored traffic volume is exceeded.

Usernames will be used only for logging rather than for authentication. If your email server uses a non-standard port for connections, enter it here.

Enter the addresses in the field, separated by spaces.