Mobilization: A manual therapy technique comprising a continuum of skilled Maitland Joint Mobilization Grading Scale Kaltenborn Traction Grading Scale. that govern passive joint mobilization ➇ Demonstrate selected joint mobilization techniques .. The Kaltenborn Method of Joint Examination and Treatment. Study 11 Kaltenborn Joint Mobilization flashcards from Robyn K. on StudyBlue.

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Afterwards, anteroposterior oscillation was applied to the humeral head using the other hand. Their results indicate that a tight rotator cuff interval causes undesirable anterosuperior translation and eventually limits the ROM by restricting the posterior translation during external rotation.

Kaltenborn Concept

Meanwhile, Grade II refers to an intensity of slightly larger amplitude applied from the beginning of the joint ROM to the mobilizatikn. Hence, the result of the present study are consistent with those of Roubal et al.

Role of joint afferents in motor control exemplified by effects on reflex pathways from Ib afferents. Skip to content Kaltenborn Concept.

Kaltenborn Concept – MANUAL MOBILIZATION

Mobulization patients were recommended to use their arms and shoulders within the possible ROM in daily activities, although they did not receive a home-based exercise program. Finally, Grade IV is applied against the tissue resistance at a small mohilization to the restricted part of the joint. It is important to note that the use of a joint, or a particular spinal level, for reference as to where the force is applied is not intended to imply any particular theoretical assumption as to structures affected by a manipulation, but only to provide information about where the force was applied.


Reliability and validity of a visual analog scale for acute abdominal pain in the ED.

Original Editor – Finn Gerstell. Medicina Kaunas, The Kaltenborn Convex-Concave Rule is a familiar concept in manual therapy joint techniques and arthrokinematics. kaltenborh

The therapist executed maximum abduction of the humerus using one hand while standing beside the patient. The content on or accessible through Physiopedia is for informational purposes only. J Pain, 7: Therefore, patients showing no change mobilizatiln external rotation ROM following abduction were excluded from the study.

As mentioned above, KM Grade III refers to sustained stretching at an intensity at which the joint capsule is stretched. Decreased shoulder range of motion on paretic side after stroke. Each patient underwent testing before the experiment in order to evaluate pain intensity and shoulder joint ROM. J Manipulative Physiol Ther, The forces applied to increase joint mobility are graded from I—III.

The attachment of the capsule on concave is close to the joint line, while the attachment on convex is far away from the joint line.

The disease causes slowly increasing pain and gradually decreasing ROM, creating difficulty performing daily activities.

MM Grade III is applied at an intensity that slightly exceeds the restriction point of the ROM to provoke tissue resistance, involving an oscillation movement with slow and large amplitude; it improves joint mobilization by inducing joint capsule and connective tissue stretching The oscillation was one per second applied for a total of fifteen second sets for 10 minutes 23 ; after each set, the patient was allowed to rest in the neutral position for approximately 10 seconds.


The rule is based on the relationship between normal bone rotations and the gliding component of the corresponding joint movements. J Sport Rehabil, When a concave joint surface is moving the roll and the glide occur in the same direction. FS has various etiologies such as periarticular tissue degenerative changes, synovial joint thickening, articular surface adhesion, etc 2.

Manual Therapy – Physiopedia

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. J Shoulder Elbow Surg, Man Ther, Immediate effects of thoracic manipulation in patients with neck pain: In the katlenborn of the spine, force may be directed at a specific level, or more generally across a particular region such as mid lumbar or lower thoracic. Failed to load RSS feed from http: Am J Emerg Med, This can be interpreted to mean that MM provokes tissue stretching even though it uses oscillation and produces results similar to those of KM.

Treatment of kaltnborn glenohumeral joint by passive movement.

Manual Therapy

J Physiol, With the patient in the supine position, the damaged scapula was fixated by placing a wedge underneath. Joints are for the most part innervated by the same sclerotome. However, the mechanisms mobilizatiob the reduction in pain observed in the present study remain unclear.

Aust J Physiother, Any abnormal movement in the scapula was prevented in order to maintain a stable shoulder abduction degree. Interamericana,pp 27—