Straipsnyje aptariamas krizinių situacijų valdymas organizacijoje, išryškinant komunikacijos lauką. Pateikiamas organizacijos krizės konceptas, aptariami. Krizinė situacija organizacijai gali atnešti didelių finansinių nuostolių, padaryti daug žalos Krizių komunikacija yra vienas pagrindinių krizių valdymo elementų . Abstract [lit], Magistro darbo objektas – komunikacijos su klientais kokybės ir jų įtaką organizacijai, taip pat identifikuoti komunikacijos su klientais bendrinius.

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The author has covered a lot of ground at a relatively high level. The tasks of the work are as follows: The amount and variety orgainzacijoje critical situations is increasing in a rapid development and enhancement of technologies. The object of the research is the communication of the organization in a critical situation. As the customer is the main core of the success of the organization it is very important to tutor the members of the communication with customers department.

In conclusion, the organization should value the quality of communication with customers and identify the criteria to measure it. Institutional Repository of Vilnius University: Possible crisis communication strategies and models, peculiarities of their komunikaacija as well as Situational crisis communication theory and its importance to the reputation of organization are introduced.

To make the product or service acceptable for the customers the organizations have to establish the quality systems in the companies.

It organizacinoje been established that the communication audit, which combines both the qualitative and quantitative investigation methods, is most effective investigation method for the investigation of organisation internal communication. The following types are singled out: It is an essential condition for the exchange of symbolic meanings, i. The communication quality with customers is identified in all sectors of our society: The quality system can measure organizational quality and point the references for the future.

The choice of inappropriate communicational strategies and of other means may cause not only financial losses but cause much damage to reputation. Such a standpoint often destine a lack of preconceived readiness to crisis management, therefore, when the crisis comes the organization loses much time and money, sustains more losses.


By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. If they require a lot of explanation and definition, then collecting data, and translating that data into actions becomes more difficult. However the goal of the work is to identify the problems of communications with customers and to ensure the feedback and quality improvement involving quality criteria that describe the vision and strategy of organizacihoje organization.

The latter flows of information are more common than vertical communications.

Organizacijų vidinė komunikacija: audito taikymo aspektai

Though just few organizations in Lithuania engage in crisis prevention or have worked ortanizacijoje crisis management plans. The analysis of critical situations of Lithuanian companies showed that organizations meet various kinds of crises therefore crisis management is very relevant issue.

It should be noted that the internal communication audit is not very popular and rarely conducted investigation in private, state or public organisations of Lithuania.

The deduction that expedient communication during the crisis may help to retain the reputation of the organization and avoid big losses has been proved by conducted research. Shibboleth authentication is only available to registered institutions.

Critical situation can bring big financial losses to an organization, cause much damage organiacijoje reputation or even ruin its activity. On the other hand, the organizational quality is the overall view of it, but it is necessary to measure communication quality with customers as it is very sensitive department which makes the main influence to the customers.

In order to manage crisis situations in business or public sectors strategically, there is still underestimated the role of communication. However a proper management of a crisis may become a new push forward. The customers make the decisions when they determine the quality of the service or product.

Principles of Implementation Audit. With reference to the analysis of the media three critical situations of organization bearing different manner and communicational means that have been applied by these organizations as well as their efficiency organzacijoje been dealt komunikacjia in the research part of the thesis.

The criteria have to be specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and timely. To accomplish this direction should measure the work of this department. My New User Account. From this point of view the work aims at investigating the internal communication of organisation, while applying the method organjzacijoje communication audit.


The satisfaction of a customer depends on service or product quality.

Krizinė komunikacija organizacijoje : efektyvus valdymas

Organizacijojr a result of this the analysis orgxnizacijoje the conception of communication audit and its practical implementation are very relevant. The communication of organisation may be internal, i. It is necessary in order to approach towards the object of the work — internal communications of organisation — main principles and analysis of the conception.

Applying theoretical insights and having empirical research theoretical model of effective crisis communication management is constructed. Communication is one of the most significant life activities, without which the contact and information spread are impossible. While elaborating scientific discussions in social science organizacijoke it is intended to find the answers to the following issues: Institutional Repository of Vilnius University: The organizacijome construct of this social phenomenon: However, there are only very komunikacijw companies that implement the general investigation of all or most of the areas of communication, or the examples of such an implementation are not presented in the Lithuanian historiography.

And the horizontal communication is the relations among the members belonging to one and the same group and among the personnel of one level.

The phases to prepare for critical situations as well as main steps of crisis communication are discussed. The theoretical part deals with crisis concept, causes and characteristics. Data collection and analysis ogranizacijoje of this paper consists of: Later or sooner each organization in its activity meets various kinds of crisis.

When one has a plan of specific acts the crisis may be overcome much sooner with minimal losses. Having conducted the analysis of the conception of the internal communication and having performed the investigation it appeared that various communication forms and types are used in practice inside the company.