La grande piramide e lo Zed. Nuove scoperte nella grande piramide. Come fu costruita e cosa nasconde on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mario Pincherle and his team since the beginning were interested in solving the .. and the Zed). By Mario Pincherle Translated by Roy Baranes July Zed. La Grande piramide e lo Zed by Mario Pincherle, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Let’s try to discover how such an enourmous problem could have been solved by some short cubic woods. In the inferior part of the Grand Gallery there was a passage to take the drenched cubes out to the open air that the sun may quickly dry them up.

Guglielmo Marconi. Lo «Zed» antenna radio con l’aldilà : Mario Pincherle :

Victor Pistolet rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Therefore we were visualizing the immense granite block moving slowly up and up inside toward the heart of the pyramid, lifted by the energy of the sun, by the force of the water and… those strange short cubic woods. We placed our small sledge onto our model and on it a stone block of about 40 centimeters: I found this text very appealing.

In the pyramid this ramp could have been flooded for a stretch of 50 meters by the Nile and for a stretch of 50 meters it remained dry above the waters.

I was especially drawn to the concept of self awareness and its connection to the eternal light. In correspondance of this passage the floor of the gallery could be taken apart. Books by Mario Pincherle. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The wood gets wet, and then it dries, this is obvious. The granite lids of the great tombs at the Serapeo, in Saqqara, maeio removed exactly by this system. So, what should I do? We went back to read very carefully all that had been written about the costruction of the Pyramid of Khufu since ancient times. The Eastern religions have a wonderful way of teaching compassion and love. We had zrd devise a real life simulation to verify what we thought we had discovered. Most probably the wood had been imported from Phoenicia where the huge and famous trees pinfherle went by the name of the ‘cedars of Lebanon’ grew strong and thick, or from the country of Sind, rich in sandal wood.


Daniela Falessi added it Jun 15, The wedged granite plug remained fixed in the breech of the gun while the two granite moving pistons lifted to allow later for the removal of the drenched cubic pinchere out of the gun. The ancient architect proved to have a prodigious intuition by reasoning ‘infinitesimally’ and therefore adding up very very small quantities, exactly like a mathematician or a doctor in physics in our po.

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Bardo Todol – Libro tibetano dei morti by Mario Pincherle

We know that the egyptians used the growth of wetted wedges positioned inside mraio, to crack the stone: We may imagine from Erodotus that this channel flows into the Nile and it could have been used most probably to quickly dump the water that was used to wet the pinherle cubic woods on the lower ramp. What was the outcome? Petralcare added it Feb 16, But forces do add up and an army of slaves produces a very great strenght.

I will certainly look at life differently from now on and realize that whenever I have a I found this text very appealing. The pyramid had a landing pier right on the Nile and pinvherle problem consisted in lifting the enormous blocks ,o from this pier first at the level of the hill on which the pyramid rises and then at the level of the King’s Chamber up on the pyramid itself.

The system of ramp and channels constituted the remarkable machine that was going to lift the great monoliths almost automatically: Bardo Todol – Libro tibetano dei morti by Mario Pincherle.


Guglielmo Marconi. Lo «Zed» antenna radio con l’aldilà

We employed small fir cubic woods and a large polished stone. The ancient architect may have said, almost poetically: ,o actually made a point to ideally identify ourselves with the ancient architect.

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Between the pistons and the fixed plug there may have been the presence of a fibrous and elastic subtance that thousands of years have evaporated: Desmatron rated it really liked it Jan 12, Thanks for telling us about the problem. The ramp underwater could receive about 50 cubic woods: It is possible once everything started to work smoothly and with the sun in its fullest season, that they could advance some 5 or 6 meters a day, … We may therefore conclude that: A more in depth study of the granite plugs in the breech of the gun, still in a good state of preservation, immediately made us realize that one of them was fixed and the other two moving ones.

It will be useless to employ the slaves: Everytime the block was raised to that first ledge, it was moved onto a second machine and from there lifted to the second ledge: The monolith would then rise for a good measure up toward the vault of the sarcophagus.

We surely did, since the ramp described by Erodotus could have been identified with the ramp of the Grand Picherle. May water and sun lift these huge blocks?

We have to realize that the granite monoliths found at the top are more than 68 meters up from the base level of the pyramid; it is as if inside the pyramid which is made of relatively small limestone blocks, an all together different construction was raised and which was made of enourmous granite monoliths.